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Business Value Builders

Country United States
State Maryland
City Solomons
Address 13970 Solomons Island Rd S, #6
Phone 410-394-1950

Business Value Builders Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2015

Business Value Builders (BVB), headed up by Mr.Jim Bland, was susposed to assist us in giving great value and support for our contacting SBDC Centers. They were susposed to have highly valuable lending institutions that we could present to the SBDC.(Small Business Development Centers). We would be paid a percentage of the lending fee. They promised to help us obtain personel that would contact these centers. After several months of makke-believe traing and unable to gain respect from the centers, thet quit communicating with us and will not recognize or answer our e-mails. I purchased rights to three centers (3 x $595.00) or a total of $1,785.00. My e-mails or ignored.I recieved one e-mailk from Jim Bland in which he questioned me of things I never heard of. I finally -after realizing they would take no responsibility for their promises, ask them to refund my money. I have had no responce. I truly believe that the SBDC centers do not need or trust BVB. I believe that BVB knows this. They, however, can not find honor enough within themselves to confess this and return the hard-earned money from small investors. What a shame that these people love money so much that they stoop so low as to do things like this.

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