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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Fairfield
Phone 1 (800) 887-2717

BulbHead Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2022

The "Express Safety Can Opener" is advertised as a safe quality can opener, leaving no sharp edges. However, the can opener produces fine, threads of metal from the mechanism first time around. These fine, threads of metal if ingested would potentially cause bodily harm.

Contacting Bulbhead was not a productive process. The inferred warranty of one year is actually only 30 days.

No course of action was offerred.

  • Sep 6, 2020

On 07/02 I ordered BulbHead Silver Bullet water hose. I attempted to cancel a few days later when my wife told me I had purchased this product several years earlier and it was no good. When I called and gave my order # they couldnt find my purchase, I gave them my email, phone number, name, address and they say they couldnt find and to call back after they billed me. July 25th I received a post card stating that my order would be delayed and if I wanted to cancel contact Bulbhead.

I attempted to cancel again, giving them all the information they requested as above, and they stated they couldn't find my order. On 08/10/2020 I made another attempt to cancel, they claim they couldnt find my order. On 08/14 they charged my CC, and over charged me. I put in a dispute to get the overcharge back. I called bulb head again on 08/14 they still say they cant find my order. On 08/19 I get an email from them stating they are processing my order and they gave me a different order #. I called bulbhead gave them both order numbers and all my personal info again and they couldnt find my order. 08/21 I get an email notification that they are shipping my order, and I called again.

You guessed it they couldnt find my order. 08/27 paypal gave me back the over charge but not refund for my attempt to cance. 09/05 I have received this order I have attempted to cancel for the last several months. Good way not to allow you to cancel. Dont find the order you placed, even though they email, and send a card in mail to you. This is there way of not allowing a cancellation. Terrible business. There policy is if you return an item, now that i have it they will charge a fee. I will see what happens next. Dont trust Telebrands or Bulbhead

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