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Buffalo 8

Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica
Address 1639 11th St
Phone 1 213-204-6552

Buffalo 8 Reviews

  • Feb 25, 2022

First the simple version is, I am a filmmaker & Grady Justice has robbed me of my film, and also has blocked me from access to distributing the film. I have been working to get financing for my film.

Grady stated several packages I should purchase to get a pitch deck. Telling me he guarantees the film will get financed and his wife is head of distribution I shouldn’t worry. I purchased all the packages and everything he told me to do. Even paying out of pocket for some expenses that wasn’t attached to Buffalo 8 because I trusted him.

After two months of not hearing from him. I confronted him in October and he said he had an interested investor. When I asked who it was he said he couldn’t tell me. Which I was okay with. A week later I contacted him and he wouldn’t answer my calls and e-mails. I finally called him from my brothers phone and he picked up.

That’s when he became belligerent, saying my film is not sellable, and I need to trim down my budget. I asked about the investor and he completely forgot that he told me about it. He said what investor. I told him I was going to call Matt and report him. His response was if I contacted Matt, his wife would make sure my film would never see the light of day.

I’ve been silent and not knowing what to do. I tried reaching out to him since then and he’s ignored my calls and emails. They took my money and I don’t think I even want to make films anymore because of what he did.

When I talk to other filmmakers that use Buffalo 8 they say the same thing. They say Grady Justice is a pathological liar and will take you for all you got. They are thieves and sell false dreams. Grady Justice will use you as his own piggie bank. A thief and a user. Avoid this company if you’re a filmmaker. I’d sue them but they have more money than god. This is my only avenue.

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