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Budget Truck Rental, LLC.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Parsippany
Address 6 Sylvan Way , NJ 07054
Phone 800-527-0700

Budget Truck Rental, LLC. Reviews

  • Jan 13, 2022

I reserved a Budget Truck for a one-way trip from CA to WA about 9 months in advance. Reserved with the basic insurance from Budget. When I picked up the truck, the manager said he "could not let one of his trucks leave the lot" without the purchase of additional insurance coverage from Budget. Price of $450 but offered to discount it to $398. This would have added 40% to the total cost.

I asked him if I had any choice and was told "no." I paid the fee via credit card. I later called and wrote to Budget complaining about the tactic and got no response. I disputed the charge with Citibank which supported me and reversed the charges. Budget threatened liens and damage to my credit unless I paid.

Then sold the "debt" to a collection agency, Joseph Mann & Creed, a company that is subject of numerous complaints. I suspect the Budget store manager gets a commission on insurance sales and knew that if I tried to rent the last minute from someplace else it would cost me even more.

  • Aug 8, 2021

DO NOT RENT TRUCKS FROM BUDGET!! Completely a rip off company, even though they are incredibly large. I rented two times from Budget -- the first time, they did not give me packing blankets (I had to buy $100 of my Own!), they left the truck not full of gas and the oil light was on after 25 miles down the road. I also had an engine light that came on where I had to call their after-hours department and wait for a repair person to come fix it after they had already closed!!!!!!!

The second time I rented from them, they overcharged me! They charged me too much in mileage and when I rented from them, the stupid guy behind the counter didn't know how to print a receipt and told me that he would give me one when I returned!!!

I unfortunately believed him and when I returned it, they had closed. I put the key in the drop box and could not get a receipt! When I received my credit card statement, they overcharged me $316.48!!!!! The only thing I had was the original contract when I reserved the truck so I successfully disputed it with my credit card. I won that but then they strong-armed me by putting my account into collections!


  • Apr 3, 2020

I rented a truck from Budget Rental in Denver, CO on Quebec St. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS DEALER. I picked up the truck, and truck was driving funny. Truck was dirty but the clerk said they do not wash the trucks when they come in. the check engine light came on in the truck. I took the truck back. The clerk at the dealer said he had a seminar to get to and could not help me.

He said if I need anything to call roadside. He would not exchange the truck. We were afraid so we stayed in a hotel that night. Headed home to Las Vegas. The truck would not hardly pull the car we were towing. the engine was making a bad sound. Ok so we get to Utah, the brakes on the truck are rubbing. I make it to Cedar City Nevada. The brakes are rubbing and I can hear metal to metal. I call roadside. They tell me to pull over and wait.

Its trucks going by at 120 miles per hour so I didnt want to be on the side of the road and get hit by a truck. Im doing 10 mph because the brakes just happen to go out (the master booster). i get to a hotel. Then Budget still will not bring me another truck. They insisted I take the car off the tow dolly and drive it home when I told them I didn't want to because the car needed tires checked. They tow the truck and the car to the mechanic to get it fixed.

They wanted me to wait at the mechanic for the truck to be fixed. I had already missed one day of work with this. I had to get my daughter to come get me from 45 minutes away and drive me an hour to get a rent a car (no rent a car companies in Mesquite, NV), then drive home 2 hours in the rent a car. I had to be to work and could not pick up the truck which still had the car on the tow dolly and all of my daughters things from moving in the truck. i had to be to work.

I could not stay another day and wait for the truck to be fixed. I went to work, so I had to rent a car. The truck was ready Friday, I had to work and took the rent a car back on Saturday and went to pick up the truck. The truck still did not drive like it should so I drove at 20 mph to get 100 miles to home. In the end, Budget will not refund any of my mone. They say it was my choice to rent a car and it was my choice to drive the truck. This trip end up costing $1500. At first they offered me $50 for my inconvenience, told them its not acceptable, and then $330 for a hotel and 30% of the truck rental (we spent $280 on hotels for 2 nights).

They told me they dont refund rent a cars because it was my choice to rent one (to get back to work). I told them $330 is not acceptable. So now I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I am getting emails from them as if they are in high school, basically blaming all this on me. I contacted the dealer on Facebook to let him know what happend. He never acknowledged anything, told me to contact Budget Truck while on FB messenger. He then blocked me on messenger. Good thing is I was able to copy his messages he sent me.

  • Jun 10, 2018

Budget Rental has a system set up to maximize their rental dollar that totally screws the customer. When I broke down in Odessa it took them two days to get me a truck replacement. During that time I was left to fend for myself. When other truck rental companies deal with a breakdown, they find and pay for a hotel. Budget refuses to do this. They state that after the truck has been returned they will begin to negotiate reimbursement. They refuse to tell you what they will reimburse, or how much. If you are on a limited moving budget, as I was, your money quickly runs out while you are waiting. The last day, I had to sleep in the truck and forgo eating, so that I would have enough gas money when I finally did get a truck. When you call customer service they tell you they can do nothing you have to deal with roadside assistance. Roadside assistance refers you back to Budget customer service. There is no way to get them to deal with the issue at hand. If and when you get to your destination, they tell you that they will deal with it then but can't do anything to help you now. Horrible company, horrible service, unreliable trucks. Buyer be very aware.

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