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Budget Men Renovations Fred Otto

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Bethlehem
Address 911 Laufer St
Phone (646) 836-4046

Budget Men Renovations Fred Otto Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2021

Since this guy tried getting over on us, and we document everything, he set us up, tries to scam us, told us he was building our kennel. A month later after getting half the money, tells us he's ready to start painting and needed his friend to come up. We found out he no real license , just a fake one, no permits, no nothing, he's robbing people in the Poconos, coming from supposedly Bethlehem. He has not one receipt. He uses sob stories to get money, saying he has none for his family.

Fred says he is collecting unemployment, and forgot to renew his account and forgot he told us he has no machines to finish the job, he has to rent equipment we have to suppodly pay for, we have to pay for epoxy for the floor, we have to pay for a car he had blow up , after he lied about ordering our kennels that were due to come 2 weeks ago. He stated we needed to bring a friend up from Florida into our home, and the guy turned around and said if he doesn't get paid, he's not finishing the work, all of a sudden Fred told us not to tell his friend what he charged us, or he'd quit on him and he found out, he charged us $16,000.00 more after he hired his friend.

He destroyed our 1500 sq ft basement. They Left wires exposed everywhere, is not a licensed electrician, and could've set our entire 5,000 sq ft home on fire, could've killed our 5 kooiƓids, 9 Belgian Malinois, and a licensed electrician let us know he refused to use Junction Boxes, ran split wires together, put up some Bluetooth fan , we did not ask for, it has been nothing but drama. Then he left enough garbage outside plus he forgot to plug back in our box freezer and for 2-3 weeks allowed $2,500 worth of food to spoil entirely.

This supposed professional who designs epoxy floors, as a contractor, we have it in writing he was designing the entire kennel for $12,000.00 it became $28,000.00. Smoking in my home around my children. I offered to even do his website.. got free.. for that price. My husband went as far as having me calm them immediately to give him back his tools, ONLY because he has children and what's even more sad he's going to go rob more people with those tools and scam more people. He showed up with a Mercedes on the first week, then a BMW, then a truck, he definitely let us know he don't have a bank account or a credit card to rent a real car from RentaCar or Hertz?

We found out this is how they do it in the ghetto. He says his family is all Law Enforcement Officers in NY, and here he is robbing a first responder that's terminally ill and disabled blind right up until 9.11.21 on the 20th anniversary. That's sad this man took the time to destroy our entire basement which he put in writing everything he planned on doing, to leave it the way it was left, change the price to double the amount. Hi address isn't correct, hus name is not coming up correctly online, he refused to put his business up on the internet because he's smart enough to scam people and run. He thinks by sinning and threatening to call the cops on people for harassment because he asked for updates when i fired him and begged me to still let him do the floor for free with the epoxy, he thinks we trust him and he wont show a single receipt for a single thing he bought which is less than $500 all together.

He bought a junk car that the engine and transmission supposedly went on it after his first week of work, then he asked for more money, told us that our kennel was coming in the mail within days by that upcoming Tuesday and that was false, he lied, he never ordered them, then he told us he was canceling the order and we wouldn't get confirmation from Amazon until after he returned the delivered items which again, to this day have yet to even be ordered. He refused to be honest about anything and lied about everything. Left our entire basement a disaster, all the materials he left outside we had our sons football team help clean it up today, to avoid issues with our township because you legally can't leave garbage around your home, they haven't cleaned up anything just destroyed my 30 year old porcelain dolls, I found the head broken off and the body laying next to a mess of debris and a contractor bag in the basement.

They destroyed out freezer left it outside with bloody spoiled meat for 2 more weeks, in 2 tropical hurricane severe lines of storms/weather that came through our area, and Fred laughed and said there's nothing wrong with the units that they're made for outside and he used to be an appliance sales man , and now he says to stop harassing him because we have $100,000.00 in damages thanks to him and his scam of a business, which we had not a single thing wrong with our home prior to him coming to start any work.

He wants to call the cops, we begged him so we'd have an address for our court paperwork. Nothing a paid private investigator can't do to solve the issue. It's the principle that he morally did this to a man and our family after everything was said and done, and stole from us as a their a liar, and he can go rob other people with the little bit of tools they had left here and the only reason they got that stuff back is because I told them to come pick up everything immediately stat and we're told to get it out of our home, so that they had no excuses to come back here ever again. Watch out who you hire around the Pocono Mountains, Allentown, Bethlehem , Easton, Northeastern PA watch out who you hire and welcome into your home to perform work! Make sure you look up the actual license information, and verify they aren't actually legit to perform specific tasks!

Also, we should've caught on sooner when the invoices that we're supposed to show $ pauments being made, no materials being bought, they reused all the same framing from prior work, who planned to destroy our home out of jealousy , spiteful, deceitful, vindictive behavior!

Once payments were made, invoices were reflecting payments due fir the same amounts, they were trying to double dip with cash and credit card, through the square account he uses.

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