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Country Canada
City Richmond, British Columbia

BT-PLAN Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2024

Professor Philipp Sandner What’sApp group started in October 2023. I did not engage in the online trading application (BT-PLAN) which was their recommended application that supposedly showed stocks in real-time of a foreign exchange. The professor would detect active trading signals then lead a team of investors in opening and closing the called stock. We only used Canadian stocks (AMQ & LAD) and the profit margins always exceeded 100%. I did not engage with the WhatsApp group & only watched the investing teams interactions for 45 days.

I invested small amounts of USDT into their market initially until my profits exponentially rose and my trust was built.

Mandy (the professor’s assistant) convinced me to join the “Whale Program” and by January 6, 2024 I had wired approximately $70,000 through the Bank of America to a Canadien bank on behalf of BitTrust who was Professor Philipp’s recommended broker. I then proceeded to engage in trades from 1-5 times per week. As a member of the “fish” team and was told I could withdraw funds 1/29/2024, but BitTrust refused to release my money stating that I needed to pay $250,000 up front in order to receive the that I fictitiously earned $1.2M through their simulated foreign exchange stock market. BitTrust has said they will shut down my account if I do not pay these taxes up front by 2/7/24…. Due to inactivity. Paying taxes in order to get funds released is the scam. I contacted a "supposed" crypto tax broker who was Russian with an American name, that said they'd freeze the company's cryptocurrency wallet & sent me a copy of the wallet's many transactions telling me the wallet was worth $30Million, but he wanted the tax money to be paid up front (to split with the BitTrust Russian?) which I declined.

I validated Professor Phillipp Sandner through his wikipedia page ( Philipp Sandner - Wikipedia) before joining the group.... when I revisited it a month later, he was listed as deceased... did BitTrust see to his demise while they impersonated him conducting trades?

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