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Brinks Home Security

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 1990 Wittington Place
Phone 800.447.9239

Brinks Home Security Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2023

Do not go with Brinks. Their customer service is terrible. I pay extra for the warranty so that if any of the products need repair or replacement it is covered. It usually takes 3-4 phone calls to get the replacement if it ever comes. I've been waiting since September for my replacement front door lock. I've called 6 times and am told oh yeah its on its way, but nothing ever arrives. I told them I wanted to cancel my service and now they are saying I have a contract till 2024, but they can't show me proof of my so call approval to extend my contract - why can't they because it doesn't exist! DO NOT GO WITH BRINKS!

  • Oct 29, 2022

i'm a senior citizen and brinks takes unfair advantage of us seniors; they promise ser5vice then don't deliver and when you call to complain no one knows anything, no one can do anything; i've had several issues ever since i signed up and dealing with them on the phone is worse than the cable company; my system is down they promised to send a tech; i waited in all afyternoon-no show; i called and learned that they canceled the tech and never informed me; during hurricane ian we evacuated from tampa to miami; while there i received an alert that my security system alarm went off; brinks was no help but i called tampa area law enforcement and they responded; meanwhile i have no service yet still being charghed and brinks will not provide credit; upon learning that i told them i was cancelling-they wanttotal contract money upfront yet won't provide credit; when one calls them-one is switched from one person to another, the othwr day i spent over 2 hours just trying to ghet an appointment to repair my system-oh they offrered a date but the end of november not acceptable. save your money and avoid Aaggrevation do not. use brinks

  • Sep 15, 2022

I was a client for over 5 years with them. Two years ago I renewed the contract. Then I had to sell the house - hardship. I asked if there is an early termination fee, and they said: YES - THE FULL AMOUNT of the contract!!!

Even though I don't benefit of their service, they don't care! Bandits!

  • Jun 14, 2022

On April 7th I signed the doc cancelling Brinks Home Service agreement. Returned all the equipment which has been confirmed by UPS and Brinks. They were to issue a refund for an additional touch pad that's has been returned and verified by them on April 7th. I get nothing but the runaround. I am told the check is in the mail....we did not process it correctly but will be there in a few days....we issued you a credit on your brinks account( which has been cancelled)......we cannot issues checks but will credit your credit card. This has been going on 2 and 1/2 months. Last week I was guaranteed it would be credited to my card within 48 hrs. It's been a week.

They absolutely have no intention on refunding my money year it appears. Funny part is they told me in the beginning the pad was mine to use 1 month for evaluation and if I liked it I would be billed. They billed my within 2 days of receiving it. The install was ordered in February but they never came out to install until the end of March. I returned the pad within 2 days of the system activation and cancelled the contract and docusigned the cancellation. They have gave me the run around about that as well. Thank goodness I have all the records saved and printed. Every time I call they play stupid and first tell me the equipment was not returned but once I argue it has been and you signed off on it I get placed on hold up to 15 minutes and when they get back on they tell me the check is in the mail and as of last week the card will be credited.

I want my refund now as I am done being jerked around

  • Apr 21, 2022

Summery: Since 06 March 2022 (at a minimum) my smoke detector was programed by Brinks as a "door/window" sensor with the most obserd levels of incompetence to still not fix.

Yes, My house could have been burning to the ground while I watched it, no fire department because my cell phone is still inside being consumed by flames, along with everything I own and possibly my loved ones or pets. Durring this my alarm would think I left my front door open.

I have spent hours on the phone or in chat with them repeatedly failing to fix this (9 attempts), lying about fixing it, wanting payment for services they offered (and documented) as free, refused supervisor contact, lied about availability of supervisors, mislead and lied about call backs. They have altered my home system multiple times, all with a failure on their part. I have to have the smoke detector unplugged as it is untrustworthy.

Additionally they altered and reprogrammed my shop alarm *without my permission or my knowledge*, now that system may be compromised. Yes, unauthorized they accessed and altered a system that had nothing to do with the problem.

Full info: I have been a customer of Brinks from the time they purchased Livewatch and a customer of Livewatch for many years prior. A home security system was purchased as I was an actively deploying service member and wanted to protect my loved ones and my property from harm or fire while I was away. I live in a rural area where the ability of a neighbor to see a fire is very limited along with a time delay of emergency services (distance).

So having a working security/fire system that will add valuable time to the response to my house is paramount. Sometime during the last 1.5 years due to malfunctioning of the smoke detector in my home, it was replaced by Livewatch or Brinks depending of what name they would like to claim at that time. (unable to locate exact date as all previous history of Livewatch contract/customer support/history is no longer accessible with online customer portal) The system was operated under the assumption of it operating correctly, this was a gross understatement of exactly what the system was doing.

  • Apr 2, 2022

My husband installed Protect America security system, approx 2014. He handled all security matters and payments from his e-mail and his bank acct. We were pleased with system and customer/responce service. My husband died Oct 2019. I notified Protect America, to put my name on acct., my e-mail address, and my banking info for payment, 11/2019, nothing else changed.

No contract was ever mentioned to me. I'm not sure when Brinks bought my acct. maybe August 2020. Monthly bills increased, poor customer service, long waits, never returning calls. I spoke with Alex when I called to stop service, 1/28/22. No contract mentioned. I paid my January bill, in full 1/5/2022. Closed acct., removed all security pieces. I'm still receiving monthly bills for $62.61.

Description: 24-Hour monitoring, $49.99, cost recovery fee $6.40, tax, statement fee. I spoke with Durnell, Brinks customer service 866-541-9453. He said I was sent e-mail, requarding remaining payments of contact, through November 2022. I never received, to which he replyed "doesn't matter, we sent it and you're under contract until November".

Customer number is 702287152 Contract number 6102939. I also have a text conversation with Brinks customer service at 274657, they would not give me an ID number. "In order for the cancellation to happen, you will have to pay remaining amount of contract signed 3-19-2014." I would assume my husband's death certificate might void this contract.

  • Mar 7, 2022

We have been continually calling brinks security to come service our unit cause it is not working and they refuse to come out and service unit or send us a new one. But they continue to charge our account for the monthly dues and will continue until october of 2022.

We have been paying these dues for 3 years with no resolution from the company. When we try to cancel the contract they state that we would be breaching our contract if we cancel, but they are also breaching their part of the contract by not prviding the service.

After numerous complaints to the company via their customer service department all they can tell me is that they cannot speak for the company and let me go.

We pay $73.76 a month for the past 3 years with no service. comes right out of our bank account. Thanks I would not give this company a one star, but since thats the lowest on this website then thats what i will give them.

  • Jan 6, 2022

Brinks sold me a system. They failed to provide a full description and terms and conditions of the system. It was never installed but I was billed for the system and services. After multiple attempts to get them to complete the service, and three schedule service calls which never happened. I cancelled their installation. I reguested a return and refund only to be charged for the system plus the install.

Equipment received was a minimum package not worth the amount charged. The worst was the total failure of the company to respond to my requests. I have had no problems with the Brinks system I had transferred from Protect America which Brinks bought out. Brinks in Florida was a total cop out as far as any service and total lack of service!

  • Jan 4, 2022

I have been with this company for 8 years. After many calls dealing very rude and incompetent personnel we decided to cancel services. I have been trying to candle for the last two months and they keep charging. We don't have any of the equipment installed any more and they are still charging. I am seeking legal action soon.

  • Oct 8, 2021

I did not chose brinks home security for a monitoring service. They took over from Protect America, another monitoring company who went out of business. I never saw or never signed anything, (contract), from brinks except that I got a notification for where to make monitoring payments. I was on a month-to-month basis. I did not, nor do not, have any contract with brinks, however I continued to pay their inflated charges until I could get another alarm system or another monitoring company.

I bought another alarm system and signed up with another monitoring company. Prior to the end of the month, I called brinks, waited on the phone for 45 minutes, then finally got a rep. to tell them to cancel my monitoring. That rep. sent an email to me, with a "docusign" document, that I was required to sign to cancel my service. This document was ridicules! It said that I was to pay any fees that I owed, (I was paid to date), including any "cancellation fees" and that I had to agree to allow brinks to contact me, via phone, text, email, etc, with advertising, like it or not, to cancel their service. I didn't sign the document.

Now, I just received a bill for more than the monitoring fee, in the mail, stating that it takes 30 days to cancel monitoring and that I owe the new amount, before they will cancel my monitoring. Also, if I don't pay, they will report to credit bureaus.

This is out and out fraud! I will also be filing official complaints with the SC Attorney General, the Texas Attorney General, the US Postal Service and any/every other government agency who has jurisdiction over these scammer scumbags.

Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, get involved with this bunch of rip-off, fraudsters! I will be making sure that it will cost them a LOT more time and money to settle my case, than the amount they are demanding from me. It is amazing that a national company would stoop so low as this bunch has. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

  • Sep 22, 2021

Brinks Home Security Consumer Complaint Division 1990 Wittington Place Farmers Branch, TX 75234 Skyline Security 10642 Downey Ave. Ste 205 Downey, CA 90241 To whom it may concern: On 5/8/20 a Skyline representative came to my home asking me to sign up for services for Skyline/Brinks, I was verbally given an agreement that stated if I moved the contract could be cancel and then I signed an agreement with Brinks Home Security/Skyline Security to install and update equipment from previous security company ADT.

On 3/5/2021, the house I was living in was sold to Open Door, prior to move out date I reached out to Brinks to cancel home security at this location. All calls are recorded. I asked them to come pick up the equipment and was told they could not come to the home prior to the closing date. Attached is a copy of the number of times I contacted Skyline/Brinks to resolve the disconnection of services. Attached are emails with representatives from both companies trying to make deals to continue services.

At one point a Skyline representative asked me to wait until May when their one year contract was up and it would be cheaper for me to end the contract. They proceed to send me a check for #111.00 to buy out the contract. Is this standard business practice? The current home I am living in has a security service and asked to put service on hold. Brinks Home Security/Skyline Security declined putting service on hold. After further conversation I was told I could ask the new owner to assume the contract.

Open Door buys homes and then resells homes. I provided the information via email to Skyline when I was told they could retrieve the equipment. Later after Open Door sold the house to a homeowner I was in contact with the new home owner and was told via text that the new owner assumed the contract. On 8/13/21 Skyline sent a letter to previous address and then forwarded to me RE: termination of services stating I owe $5826.83 and was sent to Hillcrest Collection Agency. I spoke to Joel at this agency on 8/25/21 who wanted me to agree to pay this amount and then proceeded to negotiate to half the amount if I paid during the phone call.

I asked the representative if I could take a week to gather my information to refute the claim and was told I either pay or it goes on my credit report. At this point I declined to pay and disconnected the call. To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your companies cease the collection agency as the equipment has stayed with the house and the new owner has assumed the contract.

  • Aug 23, 2021

On 10/03/2019 I signed a contract with Protect America a security system company.

The agreement was $32.99 for one year and after $20.00 because the extra $12.99 were covering the cost of the equipments. The contract was binding me for one year.

In the mean time Protect America was absorbed by Brinks, but I sent all my payment to Protect America up to this month.

I called Protect America phone number and the call was answered by Brinks and after long wait an operator was informing me that I have cotract with Brinks up to 2022 (FALSE) and when I asked to send me a copy they transfer to another number without having answer.

I am asking to terminate the service with Protect America since I don't have any contract with nobody and I am free to go

  • Oct 16, 2020

We have Mafia in Bartow. 12 years ago, the step-son (Bobby Ray Beasley) of our local Mafia Don (Mark Matranga) came to the house demanding my monthly Social Security check for "protection insurance". When I refused, he said, "You'll do as you're told, or else." I have been burglarized and vandalized to the tune of 150k USD during this time and it still goes on. The police are in absentia due to the NDAA/Patriot Act. To combat this, I got DropCam; four cameras totalling $800.00. But this system relies on telephone lines.

This Mafia crew are no joke; are total high-end professionals. They by-passed the DropCam reporting system with ease. I then got Brinks figuring that because it was wireless there would be nothing to hack. Wrong. After having Brinks for many months, I have just recently found out that radio waves (wi-fi) are easily hacked. Ths Mafia crew didn't know how to hack a wi-fi system at first, but have learned since and have been breaking into my home every time I leave the house. When I first took the Brinks service, they started charging me right away ($41.73/mo).

There was a problem getting the equipment in and I had to wait for two months in which I was charged but the system hadn't even been installed. I have never received any credit or compensation for those two months. Also, they sold me an expensive camera that they later told me couldn't be installed because the installer wasn't a contractor and I'd have to hire a contractor to do the installation. (This is ludicrous. Any contractor isn't going to be tinkering around with a camera when he can be on a major build site of which we have several new gated communities going up in our area.) So, I have two pieces of equipment that were never installed that I had to pay for. (I had to pay $1200.00, up front to retain this company of which several hundreds of dollars are tied up in these two pieces of equipment.)

I contacted Brinks. After I explained all of this, their Customer Service Department told me they'd mail me an RMA. I never received it. I later called them back and asked to take it to their office in Lakeland, but was told that because of the Covid pandemic, that office was now closed. No other remedy was offered; in fact, they made effort to skirt the subject and end the conversation. I have received no further assistance on this. This company is all about take the money up front and then run. (The installer was a very lovely person and I am not inclined to think he had any part in the rest of this,) but the main company fails to give full disclosure about the hackability of their product and services and outside of a lot of lp-service, there is NO customer service to speak of.

I am now out the $800, for the DropCams. I am out the two months before the system was installed, plus I did not get value for my purchase in that I am constantly being burglarized every time I leave my home for any reason. Also, Brinks has just charged me for next month's services; November 2020, but I am being forced to go with ADT now, which they tell me is not hackable due to their product being encrypted against hacking, so here is another $2100, out lay, just trying to survive.

The biggest problem facing homeowners today is the lack of good security equipment that isn't vulnerable to burglars, stalkers, and vandals. In order to install a commercial system, I would be out of pocket $30K, which is not feasible for a retiree on Social Security. Brinks need to make this situation right and be more honest about what they are offering the public.

  • Nov 27, 2019

After 2 years of on time payments this company we started getting collection calls. First, calling us stating we owed 2 payments, then a call saying we owe $65, then a late fee and finally when presented with our bill pay records and contract they stated that they had been adding a $2.50 fee to our statement every month without disclosure and we had better pay that.

Each time insisting it could be cleared up with an extra payment or fee with our debit card. Problem is we didn't owe them anything. The call center is in Jamacia where a lot of the scams originate. This company is running a financial scam. Care to guess how much $2.50 times all their customers will put in their bank account?

Their first explanation was that we were being charged for hard copy statements which we never received. We made mulitple requests but were paying by using our contract and the one statement we received after it was installed two years ago.

They said they would remove the fee if we would agree to receive digital statements which would be emailed. Now they tell me that representative must not have communicated well becuase they don't email anything. Of course we received nothing.

I checked the website and could not get access to our information. I filed on line help request and noticed the complaint is so common having "trouble accessing account" it is on the drop down menu.

Then another new monthly fee reappeared in April. This time they waited until it accumalated $25. Then started making collection calls to my husband at work stating we had not paid our bill and would need to make two payments. Since the amount has nothing to do with our payment amount they were ask to provide written verification of any payment owed. They refused.

They continued the collections calls even though they were told not to do it and that their continued activity and refusal to provide proof of debt owed was a violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act. Our last conversation ended with their proposal that we sign up for auto pay and they would wave part of the fee IF we gave them our debit card for a $10 fee to do that.

As a retired banker I highly recommend you NEVER GIVE THIS COMPANY ACCESS TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT THROUGH AUTO PAY. I pay through my banks bill pay so companies that are not honest can not submit false charges to my account.

My bill pay account does not give them my bank account number but can automatically send the funds. And that would be why they are running these other activities: to get access to your bank account. This company wants your bank account in order to continue to pile on fees over and above your contract for services without your knowledge.

The add on fee is $2.50 so you wouldn't notice the debit. They have done all this in an attempt to collect an unknown, undisclosed monthly add on fee to acquire $25. They state that regardless of the financial disclosures at the top of the contract they have fine print stating they can add fees anytime they want to without changing the contract amount. Another scam.

We have now sent a complaint with our contract and payment history to the Federal Trade Commission. I told them I would. Every consumer they contact to make collection calls should file a complaint after telling them not to contact you again. Their refusal to give you proof of what you owe in writing is another violation.

In our case they were refusing to provide access to bills or billing statements while adding fees, then claiming late payments and harassing us with continuous collection calls with no explanation of how those fees got on our bill. Complaints are the only way dishonest companies will learn.

After telling them I would file a complaint with FTC we have been harassed using the equipment they installed and monitor in our home. Now our upstairs smoke alarm is going off with loud beeping and voice saying we must change the batteries every two days.

They can't seem to find what's wrong with a system that ran perfectly until we filed a complaint. Don't do business with this company. You can not trust them not to start harassing you in order to obtain access to your bank account.

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