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Brain Eye Creative

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Honolulu
Address 1050 Ala Moana Blvd, Ste 1000
Phone 808-285-3363

Brain Eye Creative Reviews

  • May 18, 2017

On January 13, 2016, a Mr. John Garcia of Brain Eye Creative LLC and I agreed to terms in a legally binding contract to establish a web presence for my startup health and fitness business for a grand total of $10,314.13. An initial down payment of $6,850 via check was issued to Mr. Garcia that day, with the second payment of $3,464.13 following suit a month later on February 12, 2016. The agreement was for Brain Eye Creative LLC to "develop a full-suite of visual elements, from logo design and brand identity system, to an interactive web platform that will drive leads, and capture new and repeat business through a beautifully built, clean, professional, and seamless web experience." Unfortunately, Brain Eye Creative did not deliver even half of what he was legally obligated to. Deliverables that were not delivered include, but are not limited to: – Project was slated for a maximum ten (10) week buildout.

It has been over a year since this proposal was signed and paid in full, and there are still outstanding deliverables. – Three logo design concepts were promised. I was only given one (1) logo design concept, with little say in the matter. The results were rather lackluster – consisting of my brand's name in two lines of text. – Three separate photoshoots were promised. I was only given one (1) shoot, with one look. I was also promised access to the RAW files via Dropbox, but never saw them. – Content development was a main pitching point in Brain Eye Creative's proposal. It was insinuated that there would (at the very least) an initial development strategy to assist with content creation. Instead, the site was merely launched and abandoned. – Multi-language features were integral to the success of my platform, as my goal was to expand business locally and abroad. I was promised a Japanese version of each page, translated in full. No efforts were made to fulfill this. – Quality assurance and launch to market strategy were supposedly guaranteed. No QA testing was done upon launch to market. No maintenance or upkeep was offered, even when the site experienced user/interface errors. – Initial social media strategy and content schedule was agreed upon, but not delivered.

My brand was left to its own devices, and its launch was ultimately a failure. – Zero development of communication materials, press releases and comm pieces were delivered. My site was launched and I garnered little to no engagement due to lack of promised deliverables. Because the service was not provided in full, my business ultimately suffered catastrophic losses, including the steep, overpriced cost of the website itself. After doing extensive research into industry standard rates for web design and launch, a $10,000 price-tag is totally unreasonable, and most certainly a rip-off in regards to an undelivered service. It appears that Mr. Garcia bases his rates off of what the clients budget is, rather than the impact his work will have on their business. This is a surefire sign that he does not have the clients' best interest in mind. Working with Mr. Garcia directly, I humbly requested that he prioritize our agreement, especially since my finances were already dwindling due to startup costs. Over the last year, I've done my due diligence in asking Mr. Garcia to follow-through with our contract, but he has made little to no effort to remedy the situation Recently, Mr. Garcia has completely removed my website from the Internet, by restricting my hosting privileges and locking me out of my own Wordpress account.

Bottom Line: I would HIGHLY advise anyone doing business with Brain Eye Creative LLC to steer clear of any agreements – written, or verbal – as their CEO has exemplified a habit of taking on more than he can deliver, and is rather non-remorseful when confronted about taking one's money (and running) without rendering services owed. Be warned: Brain Eye Creative LLC is not a legimate business. It's a no-brainer why they possess a "F" with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Sep 1, 2016

I paid John Garcia $1500 check for services in July 2015 for (3) months of services @ $500 per month. He requested 3 months in advance to start. He was hired to assist a new company with exposure with strategic marketing through social media sites, video, SEO, website and other forms of marketing. The (3) month agreement was to start in August, September, October 2015 and continue month to month long term with a 3 month payment advance of $1500.00. The company John Garcia owns in Brain Eye Creative is a strategic design and communications ageny based in Honolulu Hawaii. I wrote a check for $1500.00 in July 2015 with agreement to start in August 2015. I received (1) email with the information for 5 accounts that were set up and ready to post on including Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, gmail and Facebook on August 13th.

I have requested many times over the last year any documentation of work for the 3 months besides taking 1-2 hours to set up 5 accounts with no response or reply.

There has been no reports or updates sent to me with any additional work or work in September or October 2015 that I paid $500 per month to preform. I have contacted John Garcia on my occasions through emails and Facebook messages for a credit since the work that was committed was never done for the $1500.00 I paid for with no response. I have requested meetings which have been denied or not responded to. A refund in full has been sent and that has been not responded to.

After I wrote a check for $1500.00 and I received (1) email with about 1-2 hours of work done in August there has been no other communication or documentation of any work completed as promised.

In August 2016 I attempted to contact his partner Danny Galleger of Brain Eye Creative to possibly mediate a resolution or possible credit and he refused to set up a phone call or discuss any possible solution for his company and my $1500 refund or credit in any way.

Since there has been many attempts at a resolution and I have had no offers from Brain Eye Creative or documentation of any work completed I have sent in a complaint through Better Business Bureau (BBB) and possible legal action to get a refund for the $1500.00 check that I paid.

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