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Boudie Shorts

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Eau Claire
Address 923 S. Hastings Way #126

Boudie Shorts Reviews

  • Apr 24, 2018

I want to share my bad experience with Molly Marie and her Boudie Shorts, I enroll to her Boudoir Shooting Camp after seeing a lot of her videos, and I have to say that she is a master Scammer, she makes you think that she has a very good product and make you want to enroll to her training, she's that good... But the truth is that the content of her Boudoir Shooting Camp is so bad, you will feel that you have been Ripped off.

The videos inside doesn't look profesional at all most of them are from webcams from computers or smartphones, they are not even edited at all, for the amount of money you are paying to enroll its a complete Scam its not even worth 150 dollars for me and you end up paying 1200 dollars. For example Molly Marie only appears in less than 2 hours, most of videos are really old, and no more than 4 minutes and with not much content, just for example the video I saw when I enroll to the camp, she talked to us (brainwashed us) for about an hour and a half, and in the complete course you will see her about 15 min more that that.

isnĀ“t that crazy????

The total amount of minutes of the complete course is a little bit more than 10 hours, must of them of bonuses where they just want to introduce you to other instructors which are selling you other things, and they just give you a sneak peek of what you get if you buy some other things, so running numbers she is charging you somewhere around 115 dollars per hour in her course where she thinks its worth 21000 dollars but only for the day she will give it to you for the 1200 dollars (Now that Im writing this I see how lame and a LOOSER im for buying it)

If anyone out there that has bought any other photography tutorial like for example FStoppers or RGGEDU then you would see the difference in quality and content, those offer you really professional quality training, everything from the filming of the videos with professional equipment, editing, content, and some awesome instructors that really want to share with you their knowledge, they show you the perspective of what are they are looking when take a picture and the flaws and how to correct them, a lot of the tutorial from those sites offer you somewhere between 10 hours up to 20 hours of content depending of the course, for the total amount of 300 dollars, thats 25% of the cost of the Boudoir Shooting Camp.

Bottom Line don't waist your money with Molly Marie (Professional scammer) that makes you think you are doing and investment, I really thought that for that price I was going to get an amazing product since im used to the quality of the other 2 companies and my surprise was awful, If you don't believe me Enroll and see it for yourself just don't make the same mistake that I did trying to cancel my purchase 34 days after, because you will not get anything from them and you will have 1200 dollars full of crap, and with the same amount of money you could get 4 very well made tutorials that really work with maybe even 60 hours or more of training instead of 10...

Im adding a print screen to show that I really enroll which I regret in so many ways.

Hope I help someone with this review...


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