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Boudica Foster

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Bucks County

Boudica Foster Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2017

Boudica foster runs wild rabbit publishers usa which is a scam

do not part with your money!

a self publisher boudica real name margaret foster from quakersville ohio self publishers her own books and asks you if you want help to contact wild rabbit publishers do not fall for this scam!

if you are serious about getting your books published without fees incurred then stay away from this con artist do not give over any money do not listen to the uptalk margaret gives potential writers do not listen to her about being top 100 amazon reviewer do not listen to her at al this is a total scam run by margaret foster who calls hersel boudica

link where you can read more about this self publisher who is trying to make money out of people who genuinely want to be published by a Real Publisher google: wild rabbit publishing or boudica foster and see what a crazy deluded person offers you

NOTHING unless you pay

you have been warned

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