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Boston Market

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 2692 Madison Rd, Ste A-1
Phone 513-841-5990

Boston Market Reviews

  • Mar 4, 2018

I went to Boston Market and ordered three meals. Two quarter-white meals and one three piece dark meal. I watched the girl cutting the chicken and noticed a strange piece of chicken on the plate. I asked her what piece of chicken is that? She replied, "a thigh". I'm still not sure what part of the chicken it was but it was not a thigh.

Once I pointed it out to her she said she would replace it with another leg. I went to get a pop for my mother and she must have put it back in the plate because when I arrived home I had the strange piece of chicken on my plate.

I called the Boston Market customer service number but it only gives you the option of going online and not being able to speak with a actual person or the option to leave a message and have someone contact you later. Extremely poor customer service. Once you go online there is nowhere to file a complaint.

I spent $27.51 for a meal that I waited at least 25 minutes to receive it after ordering and then the order was not right. The people at this particular restaurant were young so maybe they have not been taught how to cut up a chicken properly. I called the manager at the store and he offered to replace the thigh but I feel I should have received credit for the meal. It was a dinner for someone else. How embarassing.

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