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Boss Forklifts

Country Canada
City Chatham, Ontario
Address 405 Riverview Drive

Boss Forklifts Reviews

  • Aug 10, 2020

Forklift pro!

Jeremy is a consummate professional and has advised us on best practices to maximize our companies forklifts life. Would highly recommend connecting with him.

  • Jan 12, 2020

Always have had great service from the Boss Forklifts Team!

I own a salt production facility in Wallaceburg. I have bought a hot water pressure from them in 2016 and it’s been going great with our daily washing.

In 2017 we bought 2 indoor/outdoor forklifts from them and their service man(Dan) has been great with all of our PM service!

We would buy anything they produce and highly recommend them!

  • Dec 12, 2018

Boss forklift global formerly precision pressure owner Jeremy Corso is a thief and a scam artist. I bought a Pressure washer from him and it NEVER worked the phone number he gave me to get service was disconnected. It has been sitting in a corner in the barn since the day I bought it. Yesterday just like before this guy drives into my yard with hot water pressure washer but this time he said he was with BOSS FORKLIFTS I told him I got burned buying from a guy named Corso he said I don’t know about that I work for Boss he had a limp. After he I got him out of my yard my son went the computer and looked up Boss Forklift and who is on there as owner JEREMY CORSO the crook. If BOSS FORKLIFTS tries to sell you anything take it from me you are dealing with a crook. I didn’t mention that I personally know 5 other people he sold that junk washers to and NONE of them work. He is a crook. If you bought from him you can find him in Chatham Ontario selling Hot water pressure washers generators and forklifts - all junk!

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