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Borracha Mexican Cantina

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Address 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy
Phone 702-617-7190

Borracha Mexican Cantina Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2017

Borracha Mexican Cantia Me and my wife went to this resturant to eat dinner on 10/20/2017. When we were done the waiter brought my bill for $64.95. I gave him a $100 bill and he brought me back $35.00, so I told him he shorted me $0.05. He replyed that there is no coin change in the cash register so he had to round it up to the next dollar. Well we left and went back 2-weeks later.

This time after we ate dinner whe waiter brought the check for $92.15 and I gave him a $100 bill. He came back and gave me $7.00 change. I told him I wanted to see the manager. When the manager came over I told him that I was shorted $0.85 cents and he told me that this resturant does no carry any coin change and they always round the bill up to the next dollar. Well we left and for this resturant doing this the waiter loas his $10.00 tip because I did not leave a penny!!!

This is a rip off to the customers and they do this to all the customers they are getting a lot of cash that they are not paying taxes on. Whats next? They will probally say the resturant does on carry any $1 bills and round the bill up to $5. Henderson Nevada

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