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Country United States
State Florida
City Coral Gables
Address 901 Vilabella Avenue,
Phone 1-530-494-9874

Borderoo Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2018

Borderoo, at, a fairly new website, is impersonating thousands of companies online, while also claiming to do business with them, including my business. They do this to many big and small companies. Their website is fairly new. I ran into their website while doing a web search for my brand name, and they came up in the search right under my website. Their web address (url) has my brand name in it plus keywords targeting keywords such as International Shipping, the keywords Online Store, and a call to action keyphrase- Buy From.

On their web pages, they are displaying my logo and business name, claiming not only to be my brand, but also that they work with my brand- in very confusing wording. Of course, that is not true.

They are attempting to collect visitors' email information via forms, addresses and credit card information through purchases, phishing for their e-mails and personal information, which can be used fraudulently later on. Needless to say, they also diminish and ruin brands' reputation, because unsuspecting people think there is an association between brands like mine and these scammers, and based on the research and trail of past complaints operating under different business names, people are getting ripped off and not receiving their products.

In order to see pages where they impersonate businesses, you can do a search for "", just the way you see it, with the ", and you will run into these pages, since most of them are not visibly listed on their website.

A second method to view the companies they are impersonating: you can check the sitemaps, starting with the main sitemap. They list all these pages (website addresses) on their sitemaps, including the businesses they impersonate. Here is the main sitemap: On these sitemaps, they have many businesses urls isted. Here are some, but there are thousands more: These pages list the companies' logos and business names, claiming an association with each business, while prompting users to leave at least an email address, or if they choose to purchase something, they are going to be asked for personal information, such as address + phone number + email + credit card info. Needless to say, this info will very likely be used fraudulently. They even target large companies, such as Amazon: Or Nike: Or Starbucks:

A check reveals only the phone number and fax number, the other information is hidden:

Phone: +507.8365503 Fax: +51.17057182 They claim they are located in Panama, but based on my research, it seems they are located in the US. If you do a further online search on these numbers, you will run into a lot of other related websites and complaints for this phone number from people complaining of other scam-related activitieis. They use these numbers for many other scamming websites. CAUTION: Do not contact these numbers directly, they may be related to malware and viruses - see this review by Norton: Who are these scammers? Upon further research, these seem to be the culprits- Red Shepherd Marketing from Houston, TX, a marketing agency run by James Ortiz and Scott Rothberg.

It appears that this Red Shepherd Marketing company has a history of spamming and scamming, based on the records from SpamHaus. is a non-profit international organization which lists many of the fraudulent sites and spammers. SpamHouse FAQ

What you can you do to protect yourself and others?

Educate yourself about the scams out there, and be cautious.


1. Make sure you do business with the company you want to do business with, not with scammers.

Check out the urls in the website, are these urls for the company you want to do business with?

Sometimes there are affiliated sites, and they are supposed to disclose any association with companies.

2. Check the emails you are receving- including the From email link. Hover over links to make sure it is from BrandName you are doing business with, not from Borderoo or other scammers who are phishing for your information.

3. Stay up-to-date with the latest scams.

Here is more information from FTC:

If you are victimized, you need to contact criminal activities ICC- Internet Crime Complaints and FTC.



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