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Country United States
State California
City Ventura
Address 675 E. Santa Clara St Ste 2612
Phone (323) 342-2275
Website Reviews

  • Jun 10, 2017

I ordered a promo service for twitter, and found that these guys are selling fake accounts. Do no toder services from them if you do not want your social accounts to be ruind. They took my money and gave me a fake service, when I cancelled the service the harrasment began. I was harassed on social media they did not take th servie off but instead retaliatd by loading my accounts with more fake accounts, they repsonded with a nasty message saying they were going to stop but did not stop, for days on end I have had to block thir fake accounts from my account and its still happening, I reported them to twitter, but I still sea them targetting my account and loading it with thousands of fake accounts. My hope is that someone shuts these guys down, they deserve to be shut down. I even told them to keep the money in exchange for leaving me alon but the behaviour is still continuing. These guys are trash, liars, thieves, they are stealing people's faces and slapping them on to fake accounts as well. Do not waste your money they will targt you and harass you by continuing the service in retaliation if you cancell because they know how awful it looks.

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