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Boost Mobile

Country United States
State Florida
City Pembroke Pines
Address 15840 Pines Blvd
Phone 1-866-402-7366

Boost Mobile Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2021

Beginning last year 2019, sometime in July, I believe, I contacted Boost and spoke to a supervisor named Paul regarding my phone constantly saying that I have no internet or data. I use WIFI regularly while at home and save my data, or at least I thought .

Come to find out, that Boost said they turned my data off because I was using WIFI.

I was furious and Paul apologized profusely, and said that it would not happen again. Went on to do a series of resets before I was able to have accesses to the internet.

I told Paul, that this surmounted to farad, they knew I had no data, yet continued to bill me every month for $35.00 I am unsure as to how long prior to calling and speaking to this Paul, that my data was unavailable, due to my daily usage of the was after traveling outside of my home that I noticed the messages of having no internet.

I have discovered 2-27-2021, for the second time that Boost Mobil has been in the practice of cutting off my data, since they know that I usually am using the WIFI available at my building.

Well while out recently I attempted to make a call and nothing , yesterday I lost my keys and tied to make a phone call using my LAN data , and got the message that I had no internet .

Basically they are takin my money and I am not getting anything in return …Pure fraud!

This still the issues even as I send this report.

Another issue is with assessing my account through phone or desktop, they will have an error message that states "retrofit2.adapter.rxjava2.HttpException:HTTP403 Forbidden "

When I had called about this issue , all that was said was perhaps I needed to update my app, which I had already done. But this is when they suggest that they are more than happy to assist me with this one, So they ask my permission, since calls are recorded. I give it fir them to access my account to make payment in my behalf, since for technical issues, prevented me from doing so on mu own.. However later, O discovered that this little kind support cost me and extra $3.00 added on to my bill.

This came as a surprise , since the rep at no time, revealed that this will incur a charge. Furious of the deception I call back and spoke to Who issued me the 3.00 credit back on my account to use next months payment.

3-10-21 @ 333PM, upon calling them to resolve, I asked to speak to a supervisor, when she finally came to the phone, she stated her mane for me as Rixine She went on to suggest I may need to update my app, after going through series of quidded reset, she said they everything shows successful, to allow things to reset for 2 hours. Not to turn the WIFI, for that time period.

Hung up the call at exactly, 3:43 PM…At 7:02 PM, I turned the phone back on to discover, Still no data, and had to again, turn on my WIFI

So the next day 3-11-21, I called back and after some time convincing the first rep that originally answered, that I needed to speak to a supervisor, ..this rep continued ignoring me and tried tricking me into telling him all about it, after demanding a Sup, Jay comes to the phone, and he sounded just like the rep, so much; so I ask him if he was. He insisted that, he was a true supervisor.

So Jay, listened carefully as to what the issue was about along with placing me on hold to read all notes provided…when returning, he was apologetic, polite and offered no further solution, before I gave a chance I suppose I told him what were the procedures to transfer my phone and number over to another carrier, I was surprised on just how willing and ready Jay the supervisor was, to help me leave them.

So bottom line he said they will release my number but because my brother the original owner of the phone and my name was both on the account, he needed my brother phone number and pin he used…I let him know that Its been a whiles and Om sure he dint remember the pin but I will call him and see. Jay said that he would call me back in 10-15 minutes. He did , and as I suspected[ Brother didn't recall…

That was it…He told ne to leave the service open, and when I transfer to another carrier they will ono doubt call Boost for the release of the phones number .

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help Have a good day.

Which I have already done, and because they can not resolve the error issue, that they will make my payment for me on their end, boost. Of course they then fail to mention that to provide this nice favor , they will be tacking $3.00 onto my bill. I see this error right now on my phone as I tried to sign into my app. This is a great way for them to get more money

After speaking to Supervisor Michael today Sat. 12,,2021, 1:58 PM; about the issue. Who, by the way's, voice sounding just like the previous rep (again) who had transferred me to him..

After explaining ii all, and he placing me on hold to read the notes on my account,. went away so long , I thought he had hung up the phone, when came back, he had nothing to add or say, so I ask him to verify my address for the purpose of transferring my service, After confirming it, the phone went dead, I thought Mikael had gone to check on something again, I put the phone down and 2:40 the phone hung up.

Clearly these supervisors do not want to talk to me about why I have no data, even right at this moment. No offer for credit, no refund no nothing.

I have been defrauded, not sure for how long They are probably doctoring my records right about now, to cover their scam !!

Update: On 3-15-21 12:17 PM I received a unsolicited call from Boost Mobil, I was unavailable to take the call at that time, they left no voice message.

On 3-15-21 at 12"20 PM left a voice message and number to call couldn't make out name but he was letting me know that Quote "They have received my beef" unquote…

  • Oct 12, 2020

My husband and I are with BoostMobile and had separate accounts. Mine was taken out on the 3rd of each month and his on the 9th by auto-pay.

On September 3, 2020, we requested to be put on the Family Plan, which we would have us both billed and monies would be automatically taken out on the 3rd of each month. I made sure to and tell the Customer Representative to make sure she cancels my husband's auto-pay on September 9, so that it doesn't automatically come out. She said she would.

On September 8, I received a text from my bank that an auto-payment went to Boost. I called Boost immediately and they explained that the auto-payment accidentally went out and that I would be refunded in 7-10 days. I have called several times since then and keep getting the run-a-round i.e., your refund is in processing.

On October 12, I still had not received my refund, and when I called BoostMobile and requested to talk to a Supervisor a gentleman named, Juan, told me that I no longer was owed a refund and it had been the case had been closed since September 12, due to the fact that my husband went over his usage, which is impossible because we canceled his coverage six days early. We pay our bill a month in advance and he was paid up until September 9, and we switched to the family plan on September 3. I explained this to Juan and he gave me the company spiel about he understood but there was nothing he could do.

I called the local BoostMobile store and they agreed with me and called the Customer Service Center to no avail. They told me actually it wasn't the auto-payment that was taken out it was something else entirely. The original Customer Representative I talked too made a mistake and charged me wrong. I was just unlucky enough to have my debit/charge card on file. So this is where I am at.

  • Oct 3, 2020

I want my high speed data back to unlimited Because they are throttling my data and one of the three phones disconnected to my bill because I'm paying for four phones unlimited data on all four and they are taking away the high speed data on all four phones

  • Aug 25, 2020

On 08/18/2020 I had called Boost Mobile asking could I buy a Virgin Mobile cellphone & have it activated with Boost Mobile. The guy on customer service said that since Virgin Mobile no longer exists it is unlikely that they can activate it. If I do have a Virgin Mobile cellphone, I can try to see will it work. I had contacted Boost Mobile's customer care on Twitter via messages: I was with Virgin Mobile for the past 8 years from the years of 2011-2020. When Virgin Mobile had disbanded, I automatically had to and became a customer of Boost Mobile.

I was with Boost Mobile from 03/2020-07/2020. I had cancelled my service with Boost Mobile in July 2020. I just ordered another cellphone off of Boost Mobile cellphone called a LG Tribute Royal cellphone this month of August 2020. I had the cellphone for over a week. I had bought a SIM card from Walmart Supercenter in Grenada, MS yesterday on 08/17/2020. When I had took the back of the cellphone off & tried to remove the battery, the cellphone had started smoking. I had throw away the cellphone because it was dangerous to have it in my hand, in my car, & would have been too dangerous to send back.

I wanted to know in exchange for that could I just buy a Virgin Mobile cellphone and have it activated with Boost Mobile. Here is information about the Boost Mobile LG Tribute Royal cellphone that I had just ordered from you all:

Order Information Order ID: ek-bepp-937331090 Order Line Details ---------------------------------- Product Details: Boost LG Tribute Royal LM-X320PM (LGX320ABB) Quantity: 1 SKU: LGX320ABB Promotion Code: Order Cost Summary Phone and Accessories Subtotal : $59.99 Shipping Fee : $0.0 Deposit Amount : $0.0 Tax : $4.2 Order Total : $64.19 Boost Mobile on TWitter had responded: This message may be stored. Learn more at message may be stored. Learn more at Hi there. We're sorry to hear abut your experience. Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile no longer exists and it's not possible to purchase a phone from them. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. -A.M. I had responded on Twitter: Well, I would like a refund of my $64.19 because that cellphone was smoking and nearly caused a fire. After that Boost Mobile didn't respond to my messages.

I had sent Boost Mobile another message on Twitter stating: Instead of a refund, I want to get another cellphone from you all free of charge. I want the: Coolpad Legacy. Boost Mobile had responded on Twitter stating: We'd love to explain this further. The LG Tribute Royal has a Battery Type: 3000 mAh, Non-Removable (Embedded). Removing the battery from the phone damaged the equipment. -GR I had responded to Boost Mobile on Twitter stating: That should have came with a warning. There is 0 reason why it should have caused a fire (my cellphone was seriously smoking & was nearly about to cause a fire). I had called to explain this to Boost Mobile too. She had said since the 7 days had passed since I had received the cellphone I cannot get a refund.

I can only get an exchange. I had told the woman on customer service at Boost Mobile that I want to exchange it then. She said that she is sending me to another department to explain myself to get it worked out. As I waited, I was sent to LG's customer service and they were closed.

Desired Outcome/Settlement

Desired Settlement: Exchange

I would like to get a Coolpad Legacy from Boost Mobile free of charge since the LG Tribute Dynasty from them was smoking & damaged or a full refund of my $64.19.

  • Aug 4, 2020

On 07/19/2020 my wife and I went to the Boost Mobile store located at 634 State St, Perth Amboy NJ 08861. The purpose for our visit was to purchase a new phone for my Mother in-law because her Boost Mobile phone had died. She is 81 and is sheltering in place due to the pandemic. My Mother in-law stated she wanted another flip phone; we were unable to find another flip phone, so we asked the sales associate who was in training “Did they have any flip phones”?

The sales associate checked in the rear room and asking his trainer for assistance. After they both looked for the flip phone my wife and I was told by the trainer that they didn’t have any so we settled on the Moto-E since it was the least technologically advanced phone for an 81 year old person.

The sales associate trainee was having problems at the computer finalizing the sale and called his trainer over to assist him. They activated the phone, I paid $85.00 with my credit card, I was given the credit card transaction receipt and we were on our way. My wife and I live in NJ and her Mother lives in NY, so my wife took the phone to her on Monday 7/20/2020.

My wife called her sister’s and asked if they could go over there and check the phone out since they also live in NY. The following day on Friday 7/24/2020 her sister called my wife and told her the phone was doing exactly what her Mother was complaining about. My wife went to NY the following day on Saturday 7/25/2020 to pick up the phone so she and I could observe the problem for ourselves. We charged the phone overnight and the following day on Sunday 7/26/2020 we experienced the exact same problems with the phone that her Mother was complaining about. Due to our schedules we weren’t going to be able to take the phone back to Boost Mobile until Sunday 8/2/2020. At 11:50 am Sunday 8/2/2020 my wife and I went to the Boost Mobile store so we could return the defective phone and get our refund. The sales trainee was not there but the sales trainer was. My wife and I explained the problem with the phone and when she tried to turn the phone on (Fully charged) it wouldn't turn on. We told her we wanted a refund because we had purchased a flip phone from Boost Mobile’s website and that’s when she became nasty stating “You can’t get a refund after 7 day’s”.

I then asked her “Where does it state their return policy on the receipt or posted in the store”? I handed her the credit card transaction receipt and asked her “Where on the receipt does it state Boost Mobile’s return policy”? Obviously, the policy was not on the receipt or posted in the store. She then went to the computer, while looking at the receipt she then grabbed a receipt book and said, “It’s on this receipt” I said “That’s fine but we were never given a hand written receipt with our transaction and if we had then I would have known the policy”.

She began to thumb through the receipt booklet and when she found that on Sunday 7/19/2020 we weren't given a receipt she said “I see he didn’t give you a receipt” and I replied “That’s not my fault” that’s when she tried to write out a receipt and my wife stopped her and said “Oh no give us our receipt back”, she hesitated so I said “Just give us our receipt”, she gave me back our transaction receipt. I asked her “What is your name” she then mumbled her name, so I asked her again and she again mumbled her name, but my wife caught it and said “Naomi”, I then asked her “What is your last name and her reply was “I don’t have to give you my last name”. As my wife and I started to leave she said, “Joesph helped you”, I replied “But you were training him”, and we left.

  • Jun 29, 2020

A few days ago, my phone started screaching out: "ROAMING!" every time I made a phone call. The volume of this voice announcement will tear your ears off. The phone which I have had for more than 1 year never did this before a few days ago.

I called boost mobile and recieved the runaround. There is no customer service and there is no solution for problems. Just a bunch of recorded messages and useless information that solve nothing. Although Boost obviously has technicians, they won't let anybody call one or get a straight answer from anybody. The customer evasion is extreemly irritating and time wasting.

Boost Mobile obviously DID change something in the phone service that causes this problem to happen, but they refuse to communicate and resolve. An UN-reachable customer service provider, similar to a cable TV company. I would just like to remark that this corporation is not user friendly, and avoids serving customers deliberetly. The lack of service and customer support is intentional.

  • May 27, 2020

I manage my 90 Mother's prepaid cell phone account that used to be with Virgin Mobile and transferred to Boost Mobile earlier this year. She had accumalated a $378.55 prepaid balance as the phone is for emergencies and we have had it for years. When I talked with a Boost mobile rep he assured me the balance would remain as well as adding the usual $20 every 90 days to stay active which Virgin had required. On May 26 I added the $20 (one day late as the pandemic has been distracting) and was told the balance was $20 not the $398.55 it should have been with the additional amount. When I called a live rep the next day he said I had missed the deadline so the account had been cancelled. This was not true as I had added money and the automatic voice prompt had said the phone had limited service until I added the $20.

AT NO POINT WAS THE PHONE SERVICE CANCELLED so it was illegal to remove $378.55 from my mother's account and is pure theft by a disgusting company. The fact that they would steal from a 90 year old woman is shameful and shows the type of company they are. It is run by CEO Matt Carter who should be ashamed of himself. I had added the money a few days late with Virgin and it had never been a problem. I also received an email from Boost last week saying if the account held more than $379 the $20 would be deducted from the credit balance which they should have been doing anyway and yes I have kept this email for proof!

  • Apr 25, 2020

Last week my SIM card stopped working. Customer service couldnt remedy it so they told me to go to a boost mobile store. The woman at the Boost Mobile store was not helpful and did not have the right sim card. After calling customer service multiple times, the result is always "go to walmart and buy a sim card" I bought a four pack of SIM cards at walmart and NONE of them worked. I called customer service and they have no clue which SIM card I need. They sold my the phone, but have no idea how to get me activated.

I'm paying for their service, they have me all around town spending MY money buying SIM cards, and they have no idea how to get it to work. The customer service is offshore and the call quality is HORRIBLE, and if you ask for technical support, they will transfer you to the phone manufacturers call center. I dont need help from LG, I need help from you Boost.

  • Apr 5, 2020

I went into this store on Saturday March 28th, 2020 to find a very manipulative salesman. I brought with a I phone XR in mint condition just locked out. I gave the gentleman a $20.00 tip and said I would be back in 20 minutes. Upon my return I was informed it could not be fixed and was convinced I needed to purchase not one but TWO Galaxy A20 with covers and protectors. Being in a rush having just been released from hospital less than a hour more. I just agreed and was told both phones could be returned for a full refund in 7 days.

I agreed and also put ANOTHER $40 Dollars up and said get ne out of here in 1/2 a hour. It was well over a hour before they were completed and he still POCKETED THE NOW $60 and Cell phone commissions. 5 days later I brought both phones original/ boxes/receipts/cords/cases/covers. I was told refund were only 4 days which made ZERO feet next store was Walmart and they were TWO weeks.

This man who Identified himself as the store manager (Dwayne, I believe). He was a good 40lbs heavier than me and hollowed me all the way to my car brandishing something in his pocket I dare not ask.

I wouls steer far away from this location and especially him. PLease feel free to reach out to me ANY time time for a first hand account 808.888.8717 Colin

  • May 30, 2019

I purchase a phone online on the boost website... with plan and number because they will not allow a purchase without a plan and number. Mailed the phone to my 81 year old spanish speaking mom in PR. I ported the number and now it will not make or receive calls everything goes to vm.

Boost has taken my time and frustration since they have been called since 10am on 5/30 and it is now 5/31 2:13 pm and still they do not know what is causing the problem. They have reprogrammed, reset, check the csa so sofourth nothing same issue they even tried *720 to stop call forwarding and nothing.

Each rep checks the account and nothing is wrong. I tried calling the old carrier and number was ported. No fix no nothing. I need help!!!!!

  • May 24, 2019

Been having issues with my service since the end of March on 2 phones right after paying my bill. I’ve missed a promotional call. Have lost jobs. I’ve called back numerous times as instructed since they can’t call you back. I’ve had my issue escalated numerous times and with each escalation a new promise to be reimbursed and the problem fixed in a short period of time.

I have dropped my plan down because I couldn’t use all my services and was given a partial credit last month to go toward the bill. Reluctantly I stayed believing that Boost would make it right as they told me. I was told before I paid my last bill if I was still having issues another month later they would credit this Month’s bill for the inconvenience.

I was offered $25 and a lower plan and was told I wouldn’t be reimbursed as I keep being told with the tower down. I was also told I wasn’t offered this. Every time I call I’m lied to. Even the first rep today told me I shouldn’t have to pay the bill since I have been having issues for such a long time with services.

So I’m left to pay for a bill for two phones with partial service. I already picked up a WiFi bill to have the internet at least at home. Very disappointed and now I know Boost doesn’t care about its customers. It’s time to switch to another carrier who does. Wish it wasn’t suggested to me all those years ago.

  • Jun 26, 2018

I have been having major issues with Boost mobile in the past few months. My phone was not working so I sent it back in and they made me jump through a bunch of hoops without any resolve to get a basic refund. I was contacted by someone who agreed to send me another phone as a stand in while I returned the other. I was still inquiring about my refund and was told several different stories. Obvioulsly this annoyed me and when it was escalated to where I spoke to a supervisor the supervisor told me I could get my refund and that Boost could send me a new phone and they can cover the charge of whatever I chose and that I could get my refund in 2-3 business days. I ws quite relieved bc that was all I wanted. I checked after that and there was no refund and when I called Boost again they said that it is not in the call notes.. so basically this lying supervisor just said that just to get me to stay quiet and oh of course I am looking like the liar now bc all the others going through the call notes didn't see this. I was livid..

how could a SUPERVISOR lie to a customer of 7 years?!!! What kind of company is this which allows them to lie to loyal customers. Mind you, he was not the only one to tell me I could get my refund. By this time I am calling all the time, drilling them for my refund bc I was told I could get it all the while my phone still wasn't working. I had one supervisor try to help me and when she realized there was no way to fix the phone, she told me she will call me right back and never did.. had me waiting on her on my landline with a dead phone in the other hand. So this company has a bunch of lying supervisors running around lying and telling customers they can get their money back and also giving up on them. This is ridiculous. Now Boost has my money and my phone and I think they do not deserve my money anymore. I tried calling the headquarters to file a complaint and it is down... their customer service reps and supervisors and filled with liars and people who would give up on you when they cant help you and people not doing their jobs of choosing what to add to the call notes. Boost left a horrible taste in my mouth and quite frankly, they suck.

  • Jun 25, 2018

I contacted boost mobile after i reported the fraudulent charge to my bank. The customer service department claimed that they cannot look up a charge from the credit card number used. They claimed that i needed to provide a telephone number for the account to process a refund. After several minutes of heated discussion with their cs department i was given a different number to call to check the card against a purchase.

The first thing i heard on that number was an automated explanation that they are a sales line only and cannot conduct cs transactions. The cs department is either misinformed or trained to lie to people who call in wanting a refund on their allowed fraudulent actions. There are measures a company can take to ensure that someone elses card is not used to make a purchase through their automated services but they do not employ those thechniques. After seeing multiple unanswered complaints here on yscam i assume that this is a common problem with boost mobile. This company perpetuates and supports fraud on a nationwide scale.

  • Apr 18, 2018

somehow got my CC information and stole $400 from my account

  • Mar 26, 2018

On Sat March 17, 2018 my husband and I decided to go to boost mobile and see if we can save a few dollars on our monthly cell phone bill. After being there for 2-3 hours we decided to have our exaisting cell numbers ported out from our exsisting carrier over to boost and PAID for a month worth of service ahead of time which is required at time of sign up. We left the store feeling less than confident that we made a good decision but took the benefit of the doubt and at least give it a try. After only 2 days we knew we had made a horrible mistake. The phones were horrible the service lagged and the customer service wasn’t exactly all that friendly. So day 4/5 of being a new boost cust we go back to our previous service provider and get our numbers ported back over.

Upon calling boost customer service, aside from not being able to speak to someone whose SPEAKS CLEAR ENGLISH, the gentleman proceeds to tell me that "because we didn’t say that we want to cancel our account we are not eligible to receive money back” lol WHAT?! When I call to have my number PORTED OUT TO ANOTHER PROVIDER that is me saying I am canceling my account. Once I made it clear to him that "porting out our numbers is in fact canceling the account (by the way that is how it is stated in Boost Mobile’s terms and conditions) he the proceeds to tell me that they don’t pro rate monthly charges and that by agreeing to the contract (which doesn’t exist either) I am saying that Boost can keep all and any monies given to them. That is sealing......if I pay you money for a service and feel that the service you are providing is not what you claim it to be and come back less than a week later to cancel it I should only be charged for what I used. I paid for a month long service and only stayed 4/5 days and because the service is HORRIBLE I am entitled to what I was promised and surely never received....good service. Good service is not something that they can provide so I am entitled to my money back and because I didn’t say in the exact words "I want to cancel my account” but canceled my account by porting out my number and in a way that any idiot can understand that is the reason why I am not entitled to getting my money back.

  • Feb 23, 2018

BOOST Mobile took my HARD EARNED money for years and will not unlock my phone, after several attempts with customer support (NOT EASY TO GET ON THE PHONE) Then waited over 45 minutes for a non english speaking person who ACTED like they did not hear my phone number, account number and IMEI number to unlock my phone that I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR long ago.

I'm a very reasonable person and very patient but the last customer service rep was rude and ACTING stupid.

BOOST Mobile has held quite a few phone phones hostage because customers want to switch to a different service provider. I also believe they and APPLE are involed in this scheme to get more money out of people to get their phones unlocked.

My sound advice STAY FAR AWAY from BOOST MOBILE, BOOSTMOBILE.COM (Sprint) and APPLE iPhones in the future service is subpar, getting a phone unlocked after its paid is pure B.S. and there are better options. These people are going to hell don't go down with them!

  • Feb 7, 2018

2 days ago my phone was cancelled with out my permission an there sayin that phone number was no longer ever mines there saying I haven't payed my bill sense last year April which isn't true

  • Jan 22, 2018

We were customers of boost Mobile for approximately 2 years. We purchased 2 phones outright at time of activation and then we purchased an additional phone and had the number switched over from one of the phones and deactivated the first one so the phones were paid in full and belong to us. When we tried to switch service to T-Mobile, Boost told us that we had to own the second phone for a year before they can unlock it so we could not use those phones for T-Mobile service. The one year was up in October 2017. Today we decided we were going to give that phone that we owned for over a year as per what we were told to our niece. We went down to Boost to have the phone unlocked in order to give it to her and now they told us that the phone had to be active for a year. That is not what they told us on the phone when we're at T-Mobile. They only told us we had to own the phone for a year to be unlocked. Now we have phones that belong to us and cost is over $1100 and they will not unlock them. They told us know and we had to remain customers of theirs in order for the phones to be used. We are out $1100 and either want our money back or our phones unlocked! They're trying to hold us hostage as customers. We do not want their service but do want the phones that we paid for and own

  • Nov 24, 2017

So I have been with boost mobile for a couple of years. I have auto pay enabled. You would think that like any other company, they would only use money from your account to pay the balance of the bill. But no. That is not how Boost Mobile operates. The $7.00 on the account has been sitting there for God knows how long. When I asked them to refund that to me, they came up with some ungodly long procedure how I needed to get my $7.00.

Well, I am done with them anyway. The quality of their calls is very bad.I only have about One bar in my house and no LTE.Today I checked it on an Echo Service versus my Magic Jack on the same phone. The Magic Jack was far superior. The Boost Mobile ( and yes I'm suppose to have LTE) was very choppy. Another problem with Boost is that unless I have "Location" turned on , I don't have any LTE anymore. I'm not sure if this is required by other Cellphone services? Location is a big drain on the battery and allows websites to track you

  • Sep 23, 2017

This phone company is a joke. i can't even listen to my Pandora without it kicking me off or shutting down while listening to it. my keyboard is on a spaz won't let me type what i want. they over charge for poor service. their customer service sucks because they don't even know how to fix the phone. it kicks me off Wi-Fi. there some kind of screen overlay that won't let ya do half the stuff ya want.

  • Sep 22, 2017

On 4/21/17, I purchased a new phone thru Boost Mobile and purchased their phone insurance. In July of 2017, the phone was dropped and the screen was cracked. I called for a replacement several weeks later, when the crack was spreading, and was asked the date of the original damage. I estimated the date (my fault) and was told, "Nope! You can only file within 60 days." Apparently, the claim was a few days out of "warranty." Therefore, the claim was denied. So because I wasn't going to file a claim at all until the damage worsened, I am being "punished" by their ridiculous policy standards. I am cancelling this policy, changing phone providers, and will also file a complaint with the Attorney General's office.

  • Aug 22, 2017

I payed boost mobile for unlimited talk and text.After two weeks of service my phone calls stopped.I took my phone to boost mobile store in magadore Ohio.The worker checked my phone, he said pay him 30.00 to check for issues.He proceeded to erase all of my information.even my account payment..Then I was told by the boost mobile worker, I need to buy a new device and start over. I have lost contacts that cannot be restored.. I have lost the of dollars in business because of a scam.

  • Aug 21, 2017

Boost Mobile is a worst serivce in the usa cause they have useless serivce it sucks. the data is not fast at all and there not unlimited data at all my phone didnt even work a lot of drop calls unable to access data and send and get text. they use sprint towers which is the worst serivce

  • Aug 8, 2017

I had 62 on my card and Boost Moblie took the whole 62 off after paid my bill already in the store and I called costumer Service several times and they all told my money will be back on my card and i still have not received it.

  • Aug 5, 2017

I've had Boost Mobile service for over 5 years and this is the third phone that I've had in the last couple years and I have not used it insurance and now that I want to use insurance because my phone screen is broken. they are telling me that it starts today which I've been paying for over 3 years insurance that I have not even.

  • Aug 5, 2017

I ordered a phone a week ago which i never got fedex don't have it I'm tired if I have a seizure or heart attack without a phone I die

  • Aug 2, 2017

I purchased my phone & service in June, less than 2 months ago in California and reside in Arizona. I have all my contact information on file for the account under my name. I originally started on a family plan, but after the 1st month we split the account into individual phone plans, and my information was still listed on my account as the owner. One morning, I got a text message that stated my account pin was updated. I contacted them but and told them I did not make such changes to my account, and they were able to verify my identity with all my other information on file.

I then, updated my account pin, and changed my telephone number to avoid it from happening again. Less than a day later, the same issue happened. This continued, nearly 5 new numbers in less than 2 weeks. The representatives were not helpful, and even the supervisor wasn't much more help. They told me on 2 separate occasions that they were opening a case and would contact me to provide them with documentation to verify my identity. They still have not contacted me. They said they would leave a message if they didn't get an answer, but no contact has been made to me from them except once.

I constantly had my phone service temporarily suspended and pin changed which were not done by me. The female representative that called me informed me that my service would be reactivated and helped me change my pin. She advized me that by changing my number and pin would prevent the unauthorized changes to be made any more. I did that multiple times prior to her telling me that, yet it still occurred.

Now my pin and number were changed, and they are telling me if I don't know my pin they can't get me into my account or help me, and even though I've had the phone the entire time, the temporary suspension cannot be removed without my pin. I just received an email from my Boost insurance informing me of something new- That a replacement phone was being sent to me. I did not order a replacement phone, and with the tracking number they provided me in the email, the new replacement phone is being shipped to somewhere in California.

This company is the worst of all phone providers because they don't care about privacy or the clients security. The representatives have a section when they take calls that could explain details or extra precautions for allowing access to the account. I asked them if I could give them a secret word, that needed to be provided as well before access to my account was allowed. That doesn't take any extra time to put that in their notes section and follow when they have notes like that. All the fraud to my account and inability to even use my phone and have continous service without the problem of changing my number multiple times in a few short days. They don't offer any kind of reimbursement for such poor security with my service and account, proving again they fail to care about the customer's satisfaction with service. I've paid 2 months of service for a phone which I never was able to use for a continous 24 hours without my security being breached and service failing.

I suffered personal losses, and was in distress during these times where I needed a phone but the phone wouldn't allow me to call. I was able to phone 911, but they never showed up because the phone was suspended right after I hung up with the emergency operator that they couldn't track me with a non-working device.

  • Jul 12, 2017

I went into a boost Mobile store located on Murfreesboro Rd in LaVergne TN 2 weeks ago to upgrade to the iPhone 6 plus which I was eligible for at the time. The "manager" Jessica went through the whole process of switching my service to the new phone and when it was time to pay I handed her an AMEX card which was one of the acceptable payment methods as advertised on their front door upon entering. Anyhow, she then told me that she can not accept AMEX and to go next door to get cash. Their cash machine did not work and at that time I just decided that I will just wait until I am home in my town to go to the boost Mobile store that I usually go to. I had no idea that at that time I would be ineligible for an upgrade any longer since the " manager" failed to tell me. I called her and she totally blew me off as if it were my fault that "she" activated my phone before rejecting my payment that is clearly advertised on the front door as an acceptable payment method. She actually said there is nothing that she can do. She never offered to do anything to fix the problem and I am still ineligible for an upgrade due to no fault of my own but a lack of customer service. Since Jessica does not care to fix her mistake, who will fix it for her?

  • Jun 7, 2017

For 6 years now I been putting $10.00 Dollars every 3 Months in my account around the 6th. of the Month for my Telephone Number with Boost Mobile. The Last time I added Money in the account was on the 6th. of March of $10.00 Dollars the Total in the account was $210.00 I used some Money about Six Dollars for local Calls which Brought it down to $204.60. When I checked the Account on March 6th. it had a total of $204.40 I left the Country on the 2nd. of May and did not come back till the 4th. of June,2017. Sunday I logged on the account on Sunday evening around 19:20 Hours to check the account and see when I had to put another $10.00 Dollars in it. It gave me a Total of $204.20 The Next day on Monday I went out a Purchased a Card for 10.00 and in the Evening I went into the account around 23:45 and the account was in suspension with a ZERO Balance in it. I did not want to lose my number which I had since 1970 about 47 years so I put in another $10.00 Dollars which instead of Giving me a Total of $114.20 it gave me a Balance of 10.00 Dollars. Id like to know where the $204.20 Vanished to from Sunday 23:45 to Monday Night when I went back in to put 10.00 Dollars in . I tried calling Customer service to no success I finally reached some one after 26 attempts and she told me that there is no $204.20 in the account there is only 10.00 in there. I would like to Know after 6 years of putting money in that account where the $204.00 Dollars went. These people Lie and Steal Peoples Money. I wonder how many other people they have done this too. I am not letting these people get away with it Im a 75 year old Person I cant just let 204.00 dollars vanish into those Crooks Hands

These animals did the same thing to me about 8 years ago but at that time there was only 13.00 in the account I let it go but not this time $204.00 Dollars ia a lot to lose for a Senior on Social Security.

For Five years I been going out of my way to Walgreens and Buying a Boost card for 12.00 dollars to put 10.00 on the account Via Pin I did not have a Credit Card on File because when I did 8 years ago they were going in and Charging whatever they felt like so I took it off and went on the Boost Card system.

  • May 5, 2017

First, let me just say Boost Mobile has the WORST customer service of any company I have had the displeasure of working with in decades. You CANNOT get through to customer support unless you have an active account with the company. We do not.

Our credit card was illegally charged on Sunday, March 26th in the amount of $740.28. We called the telephone number on the transaction reciept. Boost is violating consumer protection laws because, again, you cannot talk to a live person without an account. Federal guidelines require an active live person to handle calls with credit card charges for fraud protection.

We do not now, nor have we ever had an account with Boost. We do not now, nor have we ever used our credit card number in a Boost store. The card number was used online.

Our credit card number was stolen and used virtually. We get an email alert any time our card is charged. We got the email and immediately disputed the charge with the bank. The bank cannot reverse the charges immediately as Boost mobile will not release the funds.

Boost Mobile refused to give us any information on the person that stole the credit card. Boost mobile did not verify the card holder identity. Boost Mobile tried to complete the transaction even though our bank marked the transaction as "fraud."

We would like to file criminal charges against the person that stole our credit card number. By withholding the I.P. address, and shipping address of the order (they would have had to have both to complete an on-line transaction) Boost is being complicite in the fraud case.

Boost mobile has 100% of customer service over seas. The English comprehension is elementary at best. Boost will not offer any help to individuals that are victims of fraud and theft. They are actively holding the funds.

Due to the charge being allowed to process without checking the address on the credit card, we have had our business irreperable damaged. This credit card is used to verify our identity. We do not get paid if the card is inactive. The card had to be deactivated due to this mess.

So far, we have had to spend no less than 5 hours attempting to reroute the monthly billing charges, and payments we received to the card number.

All of this could have been avoided if Boost would have had any checks and balances for consumer security in place. Boost Moblie needs to have the government investigate all of their transactions. If this happened to us, it is happening to many others. If these transactions are being used to buy burn phones, it can be presumed the individuals involved in the crime may commit acts of terror.

At the very least, Boost Mobile needs to remove any and all "Privacy Protection" in the case of fraudulant purchases so individuals like myself can persue the matter criminally.

  • Mar 18, 2017

Back in january we paid boost mobile with my husbands debit card thru his bank . some how 2 payments were taken out so they sen one back to his account no problem. Feb payment was made to my account with my debit card and bank no problem. March 9th I paid 4 days early to reset my account and wifi and my phone was suspended and cut off. I can't even log in to see any information to my Boost Mobile account .. tried to log in again this morning now saying I reported my phone lst or stolen neither of which I did. Been trying to resolve repeatedly on the phone with no avail. They are saying it's because there was a charge back in January but I have since seen other errors on their part and last night they are saying I need to make a payment which I have already made on march 9 and checked with my bank and Boost Mobile did get their money on the 9 th . Spoke to someone by the name of Nathan on the 9th.

  • Mar 8, 2017

I qulified for an upgrade. I went to the Boost Mobile store near me in Channelview Tx on Sheldon Rd, on Friday March 3rd. I chose to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 for the price of $243.00 (discounted price). When I was handed the phone after I had paid, I noticed that the phone was a used one.

I told the seller that I didn't pay for a used phone and that I wanted another one. He then went on saying that he would have to charge me full price for it. He assured me that the phone was working properly and if it didn't I could bring it back for repairs. My misstake was that I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Well, as you can imagine it was a piece of crap that turned off without notice of low battery. The battery would just drain in a matter of a few hours without being used for to long.

I called customer service twice on Saturday and, they were "No" Help. Said I had to asses the problem with the store. I went to the store that same day and, request a replacement.That same guy said he'll take a look, see if it's something he could do first. Today is Tuesday, March 7th. And I still have the phone. I was told that nothing was wrong with the phone. But, Im here dealing with it turning off every d**n day about 3-4 times. These people selling these phones are rip offs and greedy, Boost Mobile or Sprint, someone need to stop these store's from doing this to hard working people who expect to get what they are paying for and not be cheated out of their hard earned Money!

I implore any customers who are purchasing a phone to inspect it, make sure it comes from a packaged box cause, mine didn't. I had my little ones' with me that day, I wasn't paying attention to these thieves ripping me off in front of my face! Nor should I have to worry about such thing happenning to me. Did I mentioned I gave the guy $245.00 and didn't recive my change. So I actually paid $245.00 for a USED DEFECTIVE PHONE!

And there was nothing I could do about it.

  • Feb 22, 2017

No Network Connection No Data Services ,No Compensation For Lost of Services , Spending Hours At a time troubleshooting this has been going on for over a year .*

  • Nov 15, 2016

I was offered a, "free," "phone," for switching my number to boost, a subsiduary of sprint. I paid $35 for my first month's service, a $25 activation fee and $5.75 tax. I realized right away that the phone was a piece of crap. I wanted to switch to a different phone and I thought they sould make it so that I could pay the lower price that they were offering I wasn't able to.

I called their, "so~called," customer service. First of all, they want you to do everything automated so you have to jump through hoops and then figure out how to get through to a person. Once you do that, they fake apologise and basically tell you, "Ha~ha, you're screwed."

  • Nov 7, 2016

Ntelos sold out and BOOST MOBILE took over all prepaid plans. I had same cell phone number for years and used only for emergencies. So dependable I started putting this as contact number on everything of business nature --Banks etc. ALAS then they sold out to BOOST MOBILE and life screwed up ever since. They assignned a fake number which was supposed to be temporary, and then they were supposed to change over to my life long numberr. They never did, and I have called and reported, and they just hang up on me. One guy was just rude and advised I could report if I wished, and then said would be 6 more hours to be corrected. Never corrected and two months later I am desperate. I am elderly, and not accustomed to such incompetence from reps. 1) I cannot get voice mail, as it says disconnected number. 2) I can only receive calls if I by chance pickup phone. If not the callers tell me my number disconnected. 3) It is eating up my minutes with wrong numbers I cannot retrieve and advise them not to call. 4) They pretend to fix then casually disconnect me over and over. I am desperate as this is a number I have had for many years hijacked by Boost Mobile. No customer service that will help. Had to search and search to find number to even call them because was given wrong number at change over, HELP

  • Nov 1, 2016

On the 26th of oct i made a payment to boost mobile because it was due well they charged me two times and turned my service off.

i have been trying to find someone to help me but all i got from their customer service was sorry nothing we can do you have to call your bank my bank is telling me they still have a hold on the money so i have to deal with them

I am tired dealing with company's that say they are in kansas but your payment center is in phillppines they are a dirt poor country that run scams and steal that's the way it is over there i

look I know i made the HUGH mistake by going with boost mobile i just don't want anyone to use there service and have all the problems i have

boost mobile is the worst carrier in the business. !! drop calls no service now they are stealing from their customers

just be warned that if you go with boost mobile you will have alot of the same problems because the are thieves and liars and they will only get worse if we keep using them

  • Oct 3, 2016

We had boost mobile on our family plan for several months no contract

just recently cancelled. however on 9/17 i made a payment of $36.18 that it was asking me because our phones were shut off. but later that day my wife paid off balance of $97.00. im just asking for my refund of $36.18 that belongs to me. that i accidentally made. and they are refusing to pay me?

  • Sep 10, 2016

Warning Do Not! Do business with Boost Mobile/ Sprint Corporation Softbank/etc.… If you give them your credit card number they will try to rob you blind, in my opinion. Trying to do business with Boost Mobile has been a complete nightmare! My story: I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone so I talked to them on the phone also using my computer. I picked iPhone SE because it’s the newest until the iPhone 7 comes out in the fall, I think. I have been a customer of theirs for about 7 to 8 years now. They told me they would give me a great discount because I've been a customer for a long time with them. The iPhone Se after the discount was $279.99 + Tax came to $305.19. I was happy and looking forward to my new phone. I checked my credit card and somehow they charged $435.99 that is $138.80 more? I asked them why and they said: “I didn’t enter a code they gave me right or something like that” As a matter of fact my credit card Co. has the proof on file. Not only did the charge go through, it went through 1 time for $305.19 and 3 times for $435.99, also another $498.56 that ended with $435.99. I tried to talk to one of the leads/managers whatever they call themselves. She was totally indifferent to my situation told me just mail it back at my expense and make up my own shipping label. She give me some kind of number and an address, I hope it’s the right one. Because, if it goes to her house, I am stuck holding the bag. She (or Boost) will gets the phone. I get the bill? * It's not so much the money it's the principal, they lied to me. They lied to me on the phone and they lied in writing (via credit card) I will not be lied to...Can anyone understand that…Your word is your bond, I always keep my promises and I expect the same from others. Does this make sense to anyone, or is it just me? Boost not only does not sell any SIM cards by themselves, but even specifically disallows any third-party phones (like the unlocked cell phones). This is a giant Corporation Virgin, Nextel, etc. If you are thinking about a new cell phone or service, I would avoid Boost Mobile like the plague.

  • Aug 31, 2016

Mine and my husbands phones got cut off by boostmobile I call customer service via 611 on my cell phone to find out why they cut our phones off and they are not due until the 13 of september, excuses and more excuses from some foriegner with broken english said i would have to pay more money to get our phones back on, for their mistake we have to pay them for a grace period that we signed up for but somehow they managed to mess it up. we just paid our bill on august 10 and the cut it off on august 30 2016 they refused to admit fault two different reps same s**t CROOKED a*s FORIEGNERS RUN BOOST MOBILE YOU CANT EVEN GET AN AMERICAN REPRESENTIVE OR GET ANYTHING FIXED RIPOFF WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY FOR ANYONE EVER REALLY PISSED OFF THEY TOOK 140 DOLLARS CUT ME OFF STILL HAVE 12 DOLLARS ON MY ACCOUNT DO NOT GET A PHONE FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jul 28, 2016

Boost mobile keeps robbing me for money. It is only 10 dollars but they tell me I ordered ringtone. Which I never did..especially they tell me I purchased the ringtones 2 weeks ago..I don't there's no way.i wouldn't remember. ..but before this event I had 20 dollars disappear from my account. I called argued and got it back...I'm always checking on my credit balance and catch when they do funny things like this. Now supposedly I have to wait 6 months to call them back and get my 10 dollars back because the system won't let them credit my account. Bunch of wierd is if you ask me.

  • Jul 25, 2016

I have been a with them for years and for the last few month i been having a problem with my service..... I pay my bill they keep changing my Due day off my monthly billing when i call them and ask them why they keep hanging up on me... I have record some of the convo but that still are rude don't let me speak to a superviser of manger i have ask more then once they have taking my money and Not giving me full service..... On top of they are so rude to me... I have asked over and over again for the reason why my phone keep getting cut off they keep feeding. Me a bunch of lies.... Please help....

  • Jul 5, 2016

Bought new cell phone several months ago (HTC Desire 626) for over $80.00, rep transferred SC card from old HTC phone (also Boost) to newly purchased one. Seemed OK, except Contacts and Photos were not available on new phone as previously. So returned to this Dealer to adjust after they told me it just needed adjustment that could not be done over the phone. Once in Store rep tells me phone is fine, I reply how about Contacts? I have hundreds of numbers I now have to research and enter manually, rather than auto filled as before...He hemms and hawws...well, all is OK and you just need to enter into Gallery each time (by now line is forming from folks entering to pay bills etc.) I say: "Look,you installed SD card, it has data but not accessed by phone and you said you can address this if I just come to your store." Rep says "Well, you have a scratch here on the cover of the phone, so I can't do much as phone is damaged." I respond "You told me to come down to load SD card to Contacts w/o problem, now you can't and phone is microscopically damaged so you can't repair or replace it?!" Wow!! At this point I ask Rep to simply email me that I brought the phone in within 7 days as defective for replacement, another half hour passes as he attempts to script email to me. Tells me to leave and he'll send it later, meanwhile all customers are seeing same BS as me and reacting appropriately. I then start video taping Rep and he calls 911!!! States customers are "unruly and disruptive!~" Wha??? I tell him this is insane over $39.00 phone change while multiple people leave in disgust. If I can mount video here it would be better explained. This outfit is bankrupt in Customer Service! We spent over an hour July 4th following this Reps BS while it became clear he was never (as intentioned from beginnning before we realized BS) going to exchange faulty phone. I plan on sending video to Boost (seems there is NO Corporate Office listed for them tho! ...Try it!!!) Corporate Office when I find it. This outfit sells the phones and warrants they work, but leaves you in the ditch when they don't. Hope your phone works is all I can say, and I wish I could post this Video here to demonstate what we all went through today! Wow :-(

  • Jul 4, 2016

Boost mobile lied about thier data for hot spots to me and what the plans offer they told me if i take the 60 dollar plan my hot spot would last a minth not true the reps lie supervisor us rude dont want to refund my money to cooperate office to contact for problem [email protected]

  • Jun 29, 2016

I had service with Boost Mobile and decided to change cell phone companies.I made all the arrangements and had the number ported..The idiots at Boost electronically locked my phone so I cannot use it.I called Boost back and asked them to unlock my phone they said "you don't have an account with us..I said I did for the last 3 years and paid you automatically ,do you have a record of that..No have no account with us..Unbelievable..They said "if you sign up for an account after a year ..we will unlock your phone..NO THANKS..I trashed the phone and got a new one..Bye Bye Boost Mobile..

  • Jun 27, 2016

I bought a phone from BoostMobile on line received phone screen cracked. Was told by company reps send phone to maker. Maker recieved phone y old me sending it back. Why boost has a return policy. Now scam goes into effect phone need to be returned to boost. 3 days to maker 3 days to me. Buy t ok me Boost gets phone 7 days has passed. No return times $179. by 1 million boost makes $179 million dollars. for nothing. Is boost also in the drug biz there good at scamming people. May congress should check on cell phone companies the make more money then drug dealers. And have better scams

  • May 19, 2016

Reasons why I left Boost:

- Endless network issues (resulting in days-long outages) are always met with the same “we’re upgrading towers in your area” excuse; if you’ve upgraded your towers so much, shouldn’t they be flawless by now???

- The website/app makeover feels far more watered down when trying to locate/modify account information; I couldn’t even check if the promotional +2GB of data still applied to my account.

- When contacting support online, my request that they e-mail me instead of calling (because I’m at work) was always ignored.

- I recently started getting roaming warnings for little things like entering the parking garage under my office.

- 4G was a VERY rare sight to see in my phone’s status bar. Antenna was always at 0.5 out of 5, no matter how often I reset the PRL, etc.

- I didn’t enjoy visiting the physical Boost store in Farmers Branch, TX. The employees weren’t helpful in addressing my issue and they kept blasting mariachi music from a boom box on the counter.

- It took nearly FIFTEEN MINUTES to get a customer service rep on the line yesterday after meandering through an extremely frustrating web of automated menus; once I was transferred to -another- person, the new rep refused to provide me with my account number, and instead proceeded to aggressively pester me with other questions.

And the tipping point, the absolute LAST STRAW:

- My fiancé had an emergency in the middle of the night, half an hour away. He called me 17 times. How many missed calls did I have? ZERO. That was completely unacceptable, and had become a more prevalent occurrence in recent months. If i can’t be reached, what’s the point of paying for the service? With how terrible my service was since I first signed up on 1/21/2014, I know I deserve a big, fat refund.

The only UNLIMITED thing you get with Boost is PROBLEMS.

I am now a very happy T-Mobile customer and get outstanding service for the same price. Should’ve switched a long time ago and saved myself all this hassle and stress. Prepare to lose at least two more customers, Boost, because I’ll be aiding in switching my parents over soon.

I am posting this review on multiple sites while Boost refuses to even acknowledge my issues on social media.

  • Apr 30, 2016

Boost mobile has a ten day return policy. What they don't tell you is they include the shipping days in that period. It took five days for the phone to get here. They included that in the ten days and say that I am past my return period!!!!!!!!!!! So I am stuck with a POS phone that will not work at my house. I tried for over an hour to get it resolved and they refused to budge. I am a 9 year customer with THREE PHONES with their company! They just lost all three accounts today because of their inability to make an exception.

  • Mar 22, 2016

I just purchased an Iphone 5 from Boostmobile 8 days ago. The plan I purchased is unlimited with 8G of personal hotspot. I switched from T-mobile unlimited plan with a similar plan but with 10G hotspot. I only switched because Boost's Iphone promotion.

Since having the phone, I've experienced extremely slow service. First, I can rarely get online. Almost everywhere I go, I never have all bars. When I finally am able to get online, it's very, very slow and often requires buffering. Also, when I use the hotspot, I cannot talk on the phone or vice versa. I never had this problem with T-mobile. Even more so, the phone does not keep a charge.

Because everyone raves about the Iphone, I decided to keep the phone and see if the glitches would work themselves out. Not so. On today, I went back to the store to get a refund of the phone and service and was told that the refund policy is 5 days. I then called the 800 number and was first told that they could not give me a refund. Then I was told that if I had purchased the phone online, they could issue a refund. I then asked to speak with a supervisor and of course noone came to the phone. They then directed me to the warranty department and of course they were confused. In turned, warranty told me to call Boost. Boost then told me to dispute this with my bank. Just a mess in every since of the word but I will try this option if all else fails.

What makes matters worst is that the phone is locked and I can't use it with T-mobile, which is where I'm going. They told me to see if Boost will give me the passcode to unlock the phone. Still trying to get this.

I am sooooooooooo disappointed with this service I can't beleive it. Boost's service is by far the absolute worse. I use my phone primarily for work, which requires that I use the phone and internet at the same time. This is not possible with Boost. Moreover, even when I do go online or use the hotspot, it's too slow to do anything. I may have to chopped this up as a lesson learned but not before I exhaust every avenue.

Having read so many similar complaints about Boost, their customer service, refund policy and misleading advertisement, there should be a class-action suit filed against this company. I am certain that a court will find in Plaintiffs' favor.

American Consumer, McDonough, GA

  • Feb 29, 2016

I have been having trouble with this service ever since I switched from Metro pcs to them First .. I went to pay my daughters and my phone bill the sales rep told me it would be cheaper to witch to a family plan and we would both have hot spot on our phones.. that was a lie neither of us have it so my daughter no longer has use of internet on her tablet.. Aside from that I went into the store last week to switch my numbger on to a phone that was already in my possession.. the sales rep frncheska told me they would charge me 25$ to change the number and I might as well buy a phone for that price.. so she sold me a phone in which I had a 7 day warranty on.. as the week went on I was not receiving text messages thatwere being sent from my daughters phone or her phone calls.. so i went into the store I was also told by another boost rep that they do not charge for trasderring a number onto a phone I already have it would have been free..I understand every store is different so I let that slide but when I went into the store to return the phone on my 7th day (which was within my time frame to return the phone) francheska first stated that I would be charged a restocking fee if i returned it .. that made me mad but worse.. I asked her to call the owner he got on the phone first he asked me to please keep the phone for 2 weeks so he could get his money back on the phone and if i do that for him then they will do what I originally wanted and switch my number to the old phone at no charge THAT MADE NO SENSE THEY ALREADY HAD MY 40 SOMETHING DOLLARS!!!! I stated i didnt want to do that because it was the last day I could return the phone within the warranty I just wanted my money back.. he then stated that I could not return the phone I do not get any money back because the phone is on a "PROMOTIOM"" SERIOUSLY??? THIS GUY IS A SCAM ARTIST i then asked for a number for the corporate department and guess what after being on the phone for 2 hours and getting the run around there is no corporate department!!! If something happens with metro pcs you can call corporate thiws company si a joke and the service sucks DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT USE THEM I LITERALLY DO NOT RECEIVE CALLS OR TEXT THE SERVICE IS TERRIBLE AND THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING TO MAKE A SALE AFTER YOU BUT THEIR CRAPPY PHONES YOU CAN NOT RETURN THEM EVEN WHEN YOUR WITHIN THE WARRANTY!!!!

  • Jan 5, 2016

Liars...started off okay until gigs are gone off hot spots. Their story is they are used up even when you barely get service. Each representative give you these rebuttal then play games because they can't explain money loss. It will be their fault until the next person you speak to expresses something entirely different . The game begins, They act as if they will credit you and get the money back ny saying you are out of gigs so you are the one at a loss. I went from using less than 5 gigs to more than almost 15! I left Verizon because of too many. Gigs left always under 5 a month. They are deceptive in making up money. Someone referred me...they wont give her the money always some kind of lie!


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