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BLVD Moving

Country United States
State California
City Northridge
Address 9330 Corbin Ave
Phone 1 844-274-0500

BLVD Moving Reviews

  • May 7, 2018

9/2017 I unaware used rendered the moving services of the above to move me pad their agreed $100.00 deposit, plus $780.00 in cash off my visa card. their movers sexually harassed me, tainted me, over charged me on amounts I did not agree on, tried to force me to use all of their boxes (I had my own boxes I purchased from U-Haul company in my neighborhood), wrapping supplies, the movers kept calling owners (all Hispanics and Hispanic movers too) telling him how expensive all of my personal belongings are and they chatted during my entire move, the driver and his assistant telling the owners, male and female, (I had multiple public storage folks who witnessed them sexually harassing me in public my entire move one drive even lifted his shirt up showing me his making lude remarks at me, signed letters of what they saw and gave it to me which I sent to this sinister hate crime company,)how they could price gauge me into over $1,500.00 for the entire move for take 11 hours or longer, “as long as they wanted…to move me and cash in, etc.” This type of conversations on this mover’s cell phone (you can check his cell phone if you like to see how many times he called the corrupt owners for their sinister and devious plots and plans to harm me which is malice.

Blvd. Moving/A-1 Moving/Starving Students Moving companies purposely, knowingly, willfully and out of retaliation against me vandalized, ripped up, removed, tore up 98% of my personal belongings, storage lockers, unhinged, and unscrewed all nuts and bolts to all of my furniture, stole endless items, personal property, clothes, dishes, custom furniture vandalized, picked apart, dismantled, taken out of, removed all of my wood custom filing cabinets rods, tore up complete custom bookcases, custom items, scratched up all of my oak and wood furniture, which all items were in perfect , mint and undamaged (moving from here (northern CA to northern CA and back again), to there with other moving companies and not one items from my past movers were ever damaged) discolored many items of my personal belongings, and furniture, condition as my witnesses will tell you, shredded custom $200 lamp silk shades, broken the ends of, broken all of my picture frames, store up my dishes, broken and vandalized hate crime many of my priceless family heirlooms I cannot replace, broken all of the glass in a of my bookcases, bedroom bookcases cocktail table, glass shelves and louvers, stole custom and personalized Xmas ornaments, which are very valuable, and my family heirlooms hold personal sentiment for my children, grandchildren and me.

This racist hate crime company and its owners and movers even urinated in one of my client and personal business and general family files storage bin boxes which I had to immediately close and not open due to the horrendous, sickening smell. I had to pay another moving company. They took 11 hours to move a simple (in the past with all of my movers in southern California and northern California) which always only spent 2-3 hour move, overcharged me $1,500.00 and kept all of my personal belongings for over 2 months refusing to give them to me. After they showed up 1 hour before my storage company closed on a late Sinday pm taking the other half of my households to their north Hollywood site.

Their movers even stole other people personal belonging which belonged to other clients of theirs, s and taped them into my storage, a drum set, chair legs custom, prescription drugs , chairs and other times that did not belong to me at all.

There is much more they did to me but it is too upsetting to type any longer. I NEED YOUR HELP. The value will be approximately from $95k-$120K and up. I have taken as many PICTURES as I can as supportive evidence thereof. I NEED YOUR HELP!! HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE THEY DONE THIS TOO?

BLVD, A-1, STARVING STUDENTS THEY ARE LIABLE FOR ALL OF THEIR HATE CRIME DAMAGES AND VANDALSIM. I sent them a letter charging them $500.00 per day (which came to $46,000.00) if they did not return all of my personal household belongings in their good, mint condition unharmed condition which they did not to date.


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