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Blurb, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 580 California Street, Suite 300

Blurb, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2019

I have spent two years trying to publish my books through blurb. It is difficult to use their system after publishing such as when I want to update or edit. I closed my bookstore business so I wanted to delete the information from inside and on the covers of the books. It has taken me two years of constant email threads to finally get answers. I would get apple as answers to questions about oranges. I have got upset with them dozens of times. In the last three weeks I tried for the last time. After putting baby steps, which I should not have to, I got the actual answers. How? Step 1) Read the question Step 2) Think about what could be the answer or research to find it 3) Write the answer below the question with the question number next to your answer. Two days later, I get an email from a manager that threatened to shut down my account but keep selling my books and block me from contacting customer support. I searched for a phone number coming accross 90% of all reviews being 1 stars for scams, and authors' experience the same exact, and/or similar to mine. I got low sales such as $25 in three months, for their claim to distribute to 39,000 stores, and online book selling businesses. After researching, I found out my book that I put on Amazon sells for $4-$6 and the same exact thing is $61 on blurb and everywhere they send it. At that, with Amazon, I make $1-2 a book so they are reasonable prices and higher profit. On blurb, in addition to gauging customers, I only make $1 on that $61 price! My experience can be a legal issue for authors' experience, with other authors backing it. However, the customers' ends can be guaging and scamming based. Though my part is not scam or illegal, I am reporting it due to there being scamming by them.

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