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Blitt & Gaines PC

Country United States
State Alaska
City Wheeling
Address 661 Glenn Ave
Phone 847-403-4900

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  • Mar 13, 2018

How to beat Blitt and Gaines and get paid $$. If you are sued and they don't attach a signed contract (735 ILCS 5/2-606) you can file a motion to dismiss without responding to the lawsuit. And without ever going to court. Let them waste their court filing fees. They also must provide the effective date of the assignment (225ILCS 425/8b) and the consideration for the assignment. (amount paid) If they don't you can dismiss the case. And than can sue them for threatening or filing a lawsuit against you, with no intention of proving it if you, the consumer contested it. FDCPA Also look up the company they are representing to see if they are licensed. Midland, Portfolio Recovery and a lot of the well known names are not licensed in Illinois for debt collection. The Illinois collection agency act requires them to be licensed if they are collecting directly or indirectly. Look up Gibbs vs Blitt and Gaines (cach). Cach llc had to dismiss their lawsuit against gibbs because they weren't licensed.

Also if you were provided a generic bill of sale , without a specific reference. You might want to look at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consent order , file no. 2015-cfpb-0023. You motion to dismiss before answering the summons. If you would rather go to court, make sure you subpoena their affidavit person, and if they aren't directly from the original creditor, it would be considered hearsay. Also if you decide to go to court, its all up to you, they have no legal standing. Make sure you submit a sworn denial, with notary. This will make them have to produce a live witness. And if the witness is not from the original creditor, you win. Also check your cities court houses.

Whether you are in Rockford, Springfield, Champaign, Peoria, Or bloomington. Blitt and Gaines only does 100% debt collection cases. So there exception of not being licensed debt collectors wouldn't apply. And you can dismiss and sue for that too. It would be fixing the errors of the Gibbs vs Blitt case. You may want to contact a large Chicago law firm as well to counter sue. There are a couple famous names in Chicago that would love to represent you for free, for the violations committed by Blitt and Gaines. I currently have a team investigating Blitt and Gaines and plan to file a class action lawsuit and produce felony charges against 2 of their lawyers.

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  • Dec 9, 2016

Blitt & Gaines is unscrupulous in their collection practices. They are given a judgment without going through the proper channels of first notifying the the person they are suing. The law states you have 30 days to dispute but when you do not receive the notification required by law it is impossible to dispute the charge. They sued me for an amount of $621 for an account that is over 20 years old and have managed to collect $1037 and still want more!!

That in itself is unethical. They garnished my wages for a higher amount than the judgment on my credit report, then take 2 months to post payments to the judgment account. By doing this they can charge more interest on the larger amount, then they could have if they had posted the amount when they received it (which was probably no more than 10 days after it was mailed-maybe sooner if the payment was made electronically).

According to my company's garnishment papers the account is now paid in full, but according to them I still owe about $110, which they will continue to chage 9% interest on even if I were to make that additional payment because it will take them 2 months to post the payment to my account, at which time they will show an outstanding balance. Then it will take at least another 30 days to receive any documentation from them showing a zero balance on the account.

They also say they are not responsible for reporting the judgment satisfied, that the client is the responsible party and that there is no guarantee that they will do so. I have my doubts that I will ever get this paid off because they do not post payments in a timely manner. I feel that they should not be able to get more money if the amount of the garnishment sent to an employer has been satisfied. Basically this company is nothing but a bunch of thieves.

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  • Apr 7, 2019

Long story short, I had a collection accound fall into their hands. I made an aggrement to pay bi-weekly payments. With the holidays (I admit, my fault) I thought I made a couple of payments and turned out I did not. I had made my February payment like I always do then in early February, I received court papers to go back because I missed paymenets.

I never heard from them before the court papers arrived. No messages from phone calls, no emails, no regular mail. After receiving the court papers to go back to court, I emailed them, again, no response. I paid in full the amount that as listed before I went back to court on 2/13/19. I paid an additional $50 for any charges that they might have added. I noticed the court case was still open to called them today (4/8/19) and now they are telling me I owe $118. Really for what? I asked them to send me a full statement so I can match it up to what I have paid. I know it is wrong.

When you go on line and pay, you can not even see your balance. terrible....

  • Jan 11, 2018

I was just served court papers for a credit card account not in my name. The server insisted that I have to make an appearance in court to show that the person on the account is not me. I tried showing my ID, but she simply said that these papers had to be served to me since the person named on the account had my address and same last name. I intend to go to court, and they will be hard pressed to find any charges with my name or signature on them.

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