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Bitminer Cloud EU Ltd.

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 7SL,, 20 Wenlock St

Bitminer Cloud EU Ltd. Reviews

  • May 31, 2019

This company was dissolved in March of 2018 (See Companies House, UK for Proof) yet maintains a website ( that will allow you to sign up to mine BTC in the cloud, as well as accepting payment in BTC to upgrade your mining to a faster hashing rate. The First Gazette Report listed with Companies House (a funcitonary of the UK Government wherein all incorporations and subsequent required business filings are maintained) indicates that all property of the original company is now property of the Crown.

This is probably why the website continues to exist and continues to (ostensibly) mine BTC. Furthermore, the company lists "PAYOUTS" as recent as two days ago (this complaint being filed June 1st, 2019).

  • Jan 12, 2018

I joined this website in early December or maybe late November, and I have ONLY 2 withdrawals PENDING, one from the 13th of December and the other from the 29th. I have seen youtube videos of people getting paid, and they have Multiple WITHDRAWALS, but ME, NOTHING with 2 referrals and I also upgraded to V1.1 which was me paying out of pocket near $80

DateIDAmountTypeStatus2017-12-13 23:14:11 58663 0.00870000 BTC WITHDRAW PENDING 2017-12-29 21:26:32 75944 0.02500000 BTC WITHDRAW PENDING

I have contacted them OVER 10 TIMES and was TRYING to be thoughtful that it was around the holidays so it might be congested, but I have seen people with a LOWER version than mine ACTUALLY GET PAID. I am calling it a SCAM and would like to know what I can do to get this WEBSITE SHUT DOWN!!!! Thank you!

  • Dec 30, 2017

I think this is a fraud . They asked to mine for free and then ask user to upgrade and after user pays the fee they reward 2 or 3 transactions and then they stop. I have pending 40 transactions on 3 accounts

Such companies should be banned and tken to court as they hurt the very layer of trust in business in the minds of people particulalry in a new filed of Block chain technology

  • Dec 27, 2017

I had mined few Bitcoin in When I wanted to withdraw they asked to upgrade the account by paying 0.00010btc on Dec 19th 2017 I had made payment through my Bitcoin wallet ID: 36SM1P8YE5j9c4ieSr8nJi79EdW8yUSyuy To btcminer ID: 1GGRCHdFzWMXwM3WeQiuVQHX1y5Xwk7ggr but it is not reflecting and I am not able to withdraw the btc earned.

  • Dec 27, 2017

I have discovered that BTC Miner cloud does not pay when they owe you. I have been using their page to passively mine Satoshi as advertised for about two weeks now and have been trying to upgrade using the Satoshi I have "earned" to no avail. No matter how you try, you cannot create an account on the site, and when you go to upgrade to the next level, it says that you must log in to upgrade when you go to do so, it dumps you back on the mining page page you were on, asking for your bitcoin address to start mining. When you put it in and click "Start Mining", It goes back to mining but you have lost all Satoshi you have earned.

There is no way given to create an account that could save your Satoshi, any contact information or any other method of contact given to find out what's going on. Thankfully I realized this was a ripoff before I put any real money into it as I was about to do. I did discover an email address purported to be tied the to the company but, when I emailed them, I recieved an immediate failure to deliver notice...Total Scam. Do not use or invest in this site. You'll get nothing.

  • Nov 18, 2017

They promise if you buy into a speed level that you will get the bitcoin accumulated on this site and can withdraw daily. They paid out my first withdraw and that's it!!!! Have emailed several times no response. Have seen other reports on this site about them SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS!!!

  • Nov 11, 2017

HI I paid with my BTC Wallet an upgrade to get my money or Satoshi released and mine a lot more but neither of them happened, I didn't receive my satoshi on my BTC wallet nor my account got an upgrade. I have contacted them several times via their contact form on their website, but no response or a resolution to my request. They ripped me off.

Stay away from they don't pay, they didn't upgrade my account.

Please take legal actions against these scammers.

  • Oct 30, 2017

I found this website to mine bitcoins for free. They give you an affiliate link to get other people to start mining as well. They want everyone to post ads with your affiliate link on social media sites, Google Adsense, or any place else. The free account mines at a rate of .0006 bitcoins per day, but they have upgraded versions 1.1 - 1.4 ( V1.1 cost .01 bitcoins to upgrade and then your mining rate doubles to .0012 bitcoins per day, V1.2 cost .1 bitcoins and your mining rate goes to .015 bitcoins per day, V1.3 cost .9 bitcoins and ypur mining rate goes up to .15 bitcoins per day, and finally V1.4 cost 5 bitcoins to upgrade and your mining rate goes up to 1 bitcoin per day). They also have a weekly contest to win 5 bitcoins to the person that has the most affiliates upgrade. You get 1 point for each affiliate that upgrades. Well after a couple months I upgraded my account to V1.1 which cost me .01 bitcoins. Then about another month later I upgraded to V1.2 and within that week I had 20 affiliates upgrade. Which I was given a 40% referral commission for each one and showed that information on my account page, but on the contest page they only gave me 15 points credit for the affiliates that upgraded. Nonetheless even with the 15 points I was in the #1 spot on the contest page. The person in the #2 spot only had 3 points at the end of the contest, which is 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. So I clearly won the weekly contest. That was on 10/15/2017. I still haven't received the 5 bitcoins and I have sent many inquiries to customer service with no response. Not to mention, I have had alot of trouble withdrawing the bitcoins that I've mined. I have alot of time and money invested in this bitcoin mining cloud, with little to show for it. I have documented all of this by taking screenshots for proof. There are alot of bad reviews on Google, people saying they aren't getting paid and other problems with this Internet bitcoin cloud mining company. We need to start a lawsuit if the company isn't willing to rectify this and pay people what they earned.

  • Sep 8, 2017

*Giacomo BUGINI Cloud mining contract promises return investment on Bitcoin, Litecoin purchased contracts. However you are not able to withdraw as much as you invested which is not described (Min cap only). Then to withdraw more, you are told to purchase higher contracts. But you realize after seeing the paperwork that this guy is just flipping peoples purchases into previous invested members for initial returns but with no promise to ever repay or garuntee to fulfill websites promise of investments. Further record digging, shows he does not have an electric bill high enough to support the notion he has a warehouse mining crypto currency to support the customer base. Meaning the algorithm and websites is nothing more than an hoax to lure people in and think they are getting a good deal on mining contracts. Mr. Bugini being an italian imigrant trying to make it in england is doing his best to scam people out of money and has no reason to not pay his land taxes that run up in 0ct of 2017. The file number between his name and company is the license number obtained by the UK government. None of which came with electrical, warehouse storage, nor contract licensing agreement ability. This would cost extra and him knowing this for being in his second year of doing this line of scam/work under a different boss in another sector of town. He should be very aware of the mannerisms and customs of who he deals with. And just because he may be going back to Italy if nothing comes of this, doesnt mean his problems go away.*

  • Aug 1, 2017

I have already paid for the cost of the upgrade they also charged the cost but did not help me upgrade the system to defraud my costs, and I reply to their mail they did not respond. Where i am going to complain about them

  • Jun 14, 2017

BITMINER CLOUD EU LTD promised to provide a cloud mining platform on which I can successfully mine bitcoin. I initially used the free version of its mining software hosted online and later, I upgraded four accounts first to premium version 1.1 and later I upgraded two of these to premium version 1.2. All payment was made using my bitcoin E-wallet registered under

My point of worrying started when the automatic upgrade that was due on the second premium account was not done and even after sending several emails, it remained the same. I also did not get any response.

In addition, especially after withdrawing the already mined bitcoin, only 8 of 51 total withdrawals were credited. Most of these withdrawals have exceeded the specified days required for manual withdrawal processing.

About two months down the line, a friend whom I told about the cloud mining with Bitminer Cloud EU Ltd discovered another company named Startminer with the same registered number and address. I found out only when I checked this website

I excercised caution in filing a scam report but having waited long enough without any response from the company, I deemed it necessary to file in this report.

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