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BitcoinPharmacy.Online Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2018

i fell for a fake site that looked similar

make sure you are using the real i had losed $100 on a order but i take responsibility for it for not doing more research. it seems i previously fell for a similar site that many others are also reporting about.

my order with the REAL site arrived just fine

  • Oct 25, 2017

1 order was lost but bitcoin pharmacy made thing right

I have made a total of 3 orders with the all with the standard free shipping. First one in August testing the pharmacy of 30 pills of Xanax 1mg. My 2nd order of the Xanax 2mg never arrived all it took was a phone call and they issued me a credit to repurchase online. I re-ordered the same medication and the 3rd order (identical 60 pills of xanax 2mg) was found in my mailbox yesterday.

If you are having delivery problems remember some controlled meds can be seized or lost. Try requesting a signature or different shipping address perhaps a work address??


  • Sep 21, 2017

Bitcoinpharmacyonline/, after fully vetting this online pharmacy with a highly profesional website just remewed this month after 3 years in service. I ordered roughly $800.00+ of medication I already am prescribed because I'm planning to leave the area on the East Coast where I live . It takes months to get set up with a new Pain Specialist and Orthopedic Surgeon along with other Specized Medical Doctors for my very complex pain syndrome cause by a TBI and severe back injury. I paid for DHL Express on 4 Packages at a cost of $39.99 each in shipping alone. The merchant was propesional and followed through right away with internal Tracking Data, not the DHL Express. After 1 full business day went by I began to email all of their departments. After not a single response going on day 4 when I should have had the product by day 3 at the latest but was told likle 1 business day after it ships. Now their internal Tracking shows they all shipped 5 day's ago. No I have emailed Administrative Services 5X. There phone number is bogus or no longer active. Now I'm getting very firm and have explained to them my lifes mission is to close them down by reporting them to every possible Scam site and Dark Web Onion room. I will also contact all the Trademark Companies that they are using the Company Logo to give themselves strong credibility.

*I've been on these meds for 17 years. If I were to stop suddenly I could literally die. I would without question be 100% incapable of doing anything for a month or more let alone evacuating and helping my family. "Bitcoinpharmacyonline/" gave me their internal tracking numbers for all the products I ordered. They left out the "DHL Express Shipping Tracking #'s". At first, I figured it would take a full business day to get the "DHL Tracking #'s". When 2 day's past I began to email them w/o any response. I then called and found out the phone #'s were B/S. I have now emailed every department and the main Administrative Services Office 5 X alone. I remained professional but increasingly firm and threatening. I should have had my product inside of 3 days flat. DHL Express that cost me 39.99 often is delivered overnight depending on where you live. It's now been a total of 5 full day's with no response and no product. Stay away from ""ALL"" BITCOIN MERCHANTS. If they DO NOT TAKE C/C then forget about them. There is noway to get your money back using Bitcoin. Unless you know the Merchant or have a trustworthy friend that can 100% vouch for them don't do it. Only if you have had a long standing business relationship with the seller, move along. Bitcoinpharmacyonline/ was listed as "Trustworthy" on "". Extensive search revealed only 1 complaint from 2 years ago. Multiple positive reviews with the exception of some slow shipping comments and the reviewing clients said they would use Express Shipping for their next order. These positive reviews were likely all part of the scam.*

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