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Country United States
State New York
City New York


  • Aug 14, 2020

I replied to the below ad on my Gmail account.

WELLCOME TO BITCOIN MINING WORLD Re: Inbox x Mining Hack Apr 23, 2020, 10:25 AM to me You are welcome to our world, where you can get your working software.

Script and mining Operation with proofs. For effective discussion and

discrption of script, hacking, software and mining operation hit me up

on hangout [email protected] or whatsapp +17167917384


He showed me a video of it working and said it was $125usd for 0.2 btc and $225 usd

for 0.5 btc. He then said if I wanted to I could buy the software for $1200 usd. Ithought that was a good idea as I woul pay for the 0.5 btc and then buy the software and be able to make 0.5 btc per day. I paid for the 0.5 btc, $225 use to his wallet. He said I would get the 0.5 btc straight away and then I could buy the software. Well that never worked 4 or 5 months later I am still waiting after him keep asking me for more money every fortnight, I am a 66 year old pensioner.

I am embarrassed that I was such a fool believing in all the reasons he said why it never worked. He is a lying scumbag and sweet mouthed scammer. Dont get caught by his filthy lies, its people like him that are screwing our world. If he wants to dispute this then am quite happy to show all hangouts conversations on this lowlife scumbag. My problem is I trust too easily. I am a webmaster and am currently building a website called It will list all scammers and scumbags like him with videos, email addresses etc. Be careful and dont follow my footsteps.

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