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Biocide Labs

Country United States
State Georgia
City Cumming
Address 3482 Keith Bridge Road Unit 123
Phone (678) 971-4388

Biocide Labs Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2020

I called the company and told them of my mold problem which seemed to be mainly in one room. I asked them about my idea of trying their product in that room to see if it really would take care of the mold that was obviously there but couldn't be seen. They talked me to into doing the whole house. So I bought enough for my house. They said it could even take care of mold in the walls that I couldn't see.

I did everything according to their instructions with high hopes it would take care of the mold. It didn't. The continued smell proved it didn't. I called them back to figure out what to do. They had some sympathy but I paid a lot of money just to get their sympathy which is worthless. I eventually tried another product I got online at the advice of a local mold guy. That worked.

Have had no mold smell ofor well over a month and I don't anticipate any. I won't mention the product here in case that is not kosher but would be fine in recommended that product to people.

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