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Bio Skin

Country United States
State Oregon
City Ashland
Address 240 E. Hersey Street
Phone 1-800-541-2455

Bio Skin Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2016

Well, lesson learned. Do not purchase things for a "free trial" from the internet. I ordered two products for S/H and a total cost of $4.99 each. I am embarrased and quite angry to say that they got me. 2 weeks after the order arrived (and I still have yet to open it), I found two charges on my debit card for $101.34 and $101.36 respectively. WHAT?! Nope that's not what I ordered.

I called the company, the person on the other line did not speak very good English and was quite difficult to understand. I told him to cancel any further shipments and requested a refund. He spent at least 10 minutes trying to convince me that he would reduce the cost and give me another 2 weeks to try the product and call and cancel at another time. I spent another 5 minutes demanding he cancel further orders, letting him know I was NOT going to be calling again and that I expected a refund. He finally agred to cancel the order but told me I would not recieve a refund.

At that point I told him that I would be reporting them to the BBB, Yelp and anyone else I could as well as filing fraud charges wtih my bank. He then said he would speak to his supervisor. After a couple of minutes he stated that he would be able to refund me 35% and nothing more. That is not good enough for me. I immiedately hung up and contacted the fraud department of my bank, the BBB and am now filing this complaint. I am also contemplating further action.

They will SCREW YOU OVER. Don't do it. Learn from my mistake.

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