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Bio-Medic Health Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Virginia
City Montvale
Address 1099 Colonial Fort Drive
Phone 800-525-0072

Bio-Medic Health Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 2, 2018

I met Philip Willmott a few months ago. He seemed ok at first then when it came down to doing business and delivering some medical supplies (He claimed he could deliver and supply medical equipment which i later found out hes not allowed to) he kept on making excuses as to why he could not. His wife was sick then his daughter was sick. Then he was sick. Then he apparently broke his foot. He is a disgusting liar who piles lies on lies. I found out he could not and was not authorized to deliver or sell medical equipment that his company, Bio-Medic Health Services does something completely different. I dug into Wilmotts past a bit and found from a few others he has made similar promises and never delivered . He simply just lies. On his linkedin page a few months ago, he had listed a PHD from "Almeda University" That is a fake degree mill from Pakistan. WILMOTT FAKED A PHD! This dude is very dishonest and I wouldnt trust a thing he says. He is a member of the LDS Mormon Church and people told me he would randomly show up at members homes without even a phone call and would ask them questions like where were you? &Have you been at work? Strange guy on top of being dishonest and trying to pass fake degrees that he purchased and did not earn. He has since taken the fake PHD off his linkedin page but it does not change that he had it on there and tried to pass it off as a real PHD. Avoid this Wilmott guy if you encounter him. Hes just one of those guys to ignore. I am shocked some people have taken him seriously in the past.

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