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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 829 9476391
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  • Jan 12, 2018

*Here is some emailes they sent me. They want you to do a turn iver which is set uo for you to lose all your money before you can withdrawl. Dear Client, As we can see you created a withdrawal request. According to our Terms and Conditions, in order to withdraw your funds, you should reach certain turnover on your account: - to withdraw your initial deposit and/or profit, you need to reach x3 turnover of your deposit+bonus amount; - to withdraw the whole amount, you need to reach x20 turnover of your deposit+bonus amount. At the moment you didn't reach the necessary turnover amount. We suggest you to trade more in order to increase your turnover. Regards, Jeremy K. Stole my money $10,000 and I can withdraw*

It is a fake service you can deposit bit you will not be able to withdraw your money.

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