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Binarycent Reviews

  • Apr 1, 2020

Investment fraud is growing hugely and I advice the public to stay away from these fraudulent companies. For those who are victims to these scams like myself, I strongly recommend you reach out to me so we can delibrate on how possible to get your investmmnet back.

I invested $10k and was unable to get my hard earn money back from the unregulated company that kept demanding for more deposits. My source have successfully recovered investment for their clients. I have hired them as well and they did not disappoint, they recovered all of my money. You can reach out to them also, good luck.

  • Oct 7, 2017

I signed up to use a trading bot (binbotpro) via the binbotpro website. The only way you can trade is if you add funds to your account via BinaryCent. I then used my Coinbase account and sent 1,000 for trading. After only a few Hours i could tell this was going to be a ripoff and not what they claim. My bot lost $500.00 USD. I then decided this wasnt for me and decided to call it quites. I went to the binarycent website to take the rest of money out and call it quits at a $500 loss.

The BinaryCent sight claims that its fee free and fast to withdraw your funds.... This is where the lie begins. Its not. In their terms that state if you select a bonus upon your deposit that you have to perform 20 times in trading volume in order to withdraw funds. Reading that clause i opted to not take the 50% bonus. However, they added a $20.00 bonus anyway. Note: There was no option or way to deslect receiving this 20$ bonus.

I decided to with draw my remaining funds and put in a request. This request remained pending for a day.

I finally sent a message to support and they told me, "According to our procedures,manager should approve request in the system, only after that finance department will be able to process it. Please,do not worry as soon as your manager will be in the office,he will check your request. Thank you. Regards, Kristina S. Financial Support"

Apparently their finance managers do not work every day. Its been two days now. Stay away from this company. Im starting to doubt that the charts and graphs and live support are all real. My gut says this is a complete scam.

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