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  • Jul 14, 2019

Binance is a Crypto currency exchange owned by @cz_binance, they have held my bitcoin for over 7 months even after going through the verification process they refuse to allow my bitcoin to be sent to my whitelisted wallet. has given me every excuse imaginable and is how they are holding value in their Exchange. They operate illegally on the outskirts of China as it is not legal to trade or mine crypto currencies in China. Binance wants to operate in the USA but with my experience I would never recommend putting any crypto currency in this exchange as you will not get it back. Binance does not act as a fiduciary, use another service or exchange.

  • Dec 21, 2017

I joined Binance and wanted to trade on their platform. From the minute I have signed up, I knew something was wrong. They have track record of my funds in their system. I have proof of that. However they told me I cannot access my money for weeks since support is busy helping other issues and developers are busy. I joined their support forum on telegraph in order to get some help but no good. I spoke to almost every support person in their and they could not help me. My money is stuck and I have no idea when it will be freed.

On their support forums when you ask for help they remind you that they are doing you a favor and that you need to wait and this wait lasts weeks and weeks until you end up losing money since the trade value changes. I have lost thousands of dollars because of their inability to release my funds. You can go visit their support forum and will see grown men and women crying to get some support. They ignore who they chose to help and who they chose to ignore. The support has no clue what is going on.

I have screen shots where I am told I will get my money today and then nothing happens. You tell me. Which exchange does that? I have contacted them on Reddit, Telegraph but no good. I have screen shots where when someone tells them that their account got hacked, that thhe support guy would say "What does that mean?" Are you kidding me?

This exchange is meant for the average Chinese who is OK with bad customer support but for us professional traders, holding onto our money is like holding onto our livelihood. I have opened several tickets but to no end. Also when you complain about this on the forums, they have paid attack dogs that insult you if you complain. If you are serious about your trading business, AVOID Binance like Cancer. They have awful atrocious customer support and outaregous fees and delays that would ensure that you do not make a penny.

Binance is a horrible horrible exchange with delays. Sure they are busy at the moment but thats because of the demand. I do not see them sustaining and competing with American/European exchanges. Good luck and I hope my mistakes teach you a lesson.

  • Dec 20, 2017

I recently replaced my Iphone so I lost my 2FA Auth password. I sent their support team all my identification that they request to reset the 2FA and all they keep doing is replying back with the same email over and over again asking for identification for resetting the 2FA. Basically, if you lose your password, you lose your money with Binance. This is happening to many people who have lost their 2FA password. Just do a search to see.

  • Dec 6, 2017

I opened an account with Binance to do a trade with Btc to IOTA, placed a deposit to my account into BTC and I never received the deposit into my account, beware of this trading platform...

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