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Billy Theuring

Country United States
State Arizona
City Chandler

Billy Theuring Reviews

  • Jul 10, 2019

Unfortunately we live in a country where anti semetic hate crimes have risen over 37% in 2018 and 2017. Neo Natzi and white supremicist William "Billy" Theuring is a huge part of the problem. After berating my friend's work in real estate (my friend was an honors student with a masters degree while Billy spent 7 years trying to get a bachelors degree at navy, ohio state university and university of phoenix but failed).

William Theuring made several antisemetic comments about him telling him to "shut up lil jew boy", "you don't know what your talking about Mr. Cohen" and called him a k#ke if you fill in the blank its the equivalent of the N word for jewish people. Billy has a history of making racist comments, he made ignorant comments about black people and hispanics driving up the national debt through welfare handouts at a barbeque which makes him a hypocrite because he grew up in a trailer in ohio with a mom on welfare.

After William Theuring screamed at and harrassed my friend he asked him to "step outside and settle this so we don't fight at Grimaldis". Billy Theuring is much taller and heavier than my 5'8 150lb prep school friend who has never been in a fight before. Billy Theuring had every intention of commiting a hate crime and got his butt kicked....badly.

William Theuring was beaten up and humiliated in public after starting a fight with guy who has NEVER won a fight EVER. After the fight was broken up William Theuring while shaking and crying called the police, he had taken very little damage in the fight which lasted only a short period of time before it was broken up.

Billy Theuring filed a false police report to officer Bryan Hartman to trump up the charges and hit my friend with criminal charges which could ruin his career. My friend has had to spend more than $5000 in lawyer fees so far and the charges could end up costing more than $10,000. William Theuring spends his weekends doing ecstasy and dancing by himself in the middle of clubs with his shirt off, hitting on women while blackout drunk and getting pepper sprayed by women in their 20's (Billy is 39 but looks 49 due to drug problems), getting thrown out of strip clubs for inappropriately touching the girls and mooching off his sucessful surgeon friend who pays for his drinks and food.

Don't do business with Medartis or any other corportation that hires Billy Theuring because you'd be condoning racism and if you see him out stay away from him. William Theuring has a history of getting thrown out of estabilishments for yelling and fighting he's nothing but trouble.

None of Billy Theuring's friends actually like him and they all talk bad about him..... they just forgive him for his behavior time and time again because hes gotten so drunk before that he's admitted he's messed up due to his father molesting him when he was a child.

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