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Billy Sparks T&T Plumbing

Country United States
State Indiana
City Laotto
Address 11875 E 450 s
Phone 8593332328

Billy Sparks T&T Plumbing Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2016

Billy Sparks has an expired plumbing license yet tells companies he has a valid license. He had a helper work for him and travel to Boston Mass, and is now saying he was never paid by the owner of the company. He gave the employee who worked for him wrong number to the head owner of the company and we had to track down the mans personal number our self. He never had helper fill out a 1099 but instead had all money transfered to his bank acct and paid helper cash end of each week. They traveled to Boston and were to be paid per diem and extra for travel. Said employee left job after realizing it was fishy and came home. Billy Sparks was paid by Terrence Tate for both his pay and his helpers pay. I guess he figured since the employee was done and figured out it was a fraudulent situation he decided to keep all the money and never pay the employee and blame it on Terrence Tate. After giving employee wrong numbers for Mr. Tate employee eventually found Terrence Tates number himself and Mr. Tate said when Mr. Billy Sparks dropped off tools he was paid in full and also given his helpers money. Billy Sparks denies this even after Mr. Tates wife verified the story. He defrauded him out of $450 and is now practicing at the above company without a valid license. Beware of working for this man of having him do repairs as he is not licensed.

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