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Billy Lorenzo Butler (Reality Builders LLC)

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 2454 Eisner Dr
Phone 904 537 2240

Billy Lorenzo Butler (Reality Builders LLC) Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2020

On 06/25/19, I signed a written contract with Billy Butler to build a new house at 7862 Paul Jones Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32208. After about 6 months, Billy barely started the project. Every time I asked him why the delay, he would just make up a lie.

Billy’s company called (Reality Builders Inc.) 2454 Eisner Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32218 claims to be in the business of building houses for investors. Billy and I agreed to build the house for a total of $95,000. I have sent Billy a total of $78,900 since signing the contract. Billy has only completed 30% of the job as of date and I have sent him 90% of the funds.

Billy abandoned the project after I sent him a total of $78,900. When I discovered Billy was running a fraud, I terminated the contract. I have tried to contact Billy for him to return about $38,900 of my money. Billy refused and he claims the rest of my money will be for his compensation.

I later found out this guy was running a scam operation using different GC's licenses. He is not licensed. The little work he did was done very poorly with cheap and useless materials. I had to hire another GC to undo the mess he created.

This guy is fraudulent and I am writing this to warn any investor to run away from this guy if you see him. To this date, Billy has not returned my $38,900. I have reported him to the Florida state attorney's office for fraud. Attached photos is the abandoned project with dirt and debris all over.

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