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Billy Brown's Auto Truck Services

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Cherry Hill
Address 1000 Maple Ave
Phone 856-665-0070

Billy Brown's Auto Truck Services Reviews

  • Sep 29, 2015

I made the mistake of going back to this guy after he ripped me off once before. My most recent experience with him I went into his shop needing to pass inspection with the check engine light on. He kept my car for two days and told me that he'd fixed the problem and the light was off. My car had also been idling. He proceeded to hand me a bill for $410 and told me that he checked a bunch of things and change the filter and replaced a pipe near my gas tank. He showed me pictures which I have no idea if they even belonged to my car, he showed me no parts. I paid him the $410 drove out of his gas station pulled onto the road right away the check engine light popped back on and the car was idling again. I turned the car right around drove back into the gas station and told him the car was running badly. He proceeded to tell me that I needed another repair that he would charge me $300 in labor and $200 for parts unrelated to what he told me he fixed. I told him I did not have the $500 since I had just paid him over $400. He proceeded to tell me that that's how it is when you have a used car. So basically I paid him $410 and I still can't pass inspection and my car is running horrible.

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