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report scam

Billie Belinda or Billie Feldman

Country United States
State California
City Venice

Billie Belinda or Billie Feldman Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2019

No suprise Billie is already on top off report, she is a complete con artist and crook. I have had the unfortunate experience of being conned by her. She also damaged my car when I found out she was an actual crazy person who was conning my business partner after she conned me.

As soon as I found out she damaged my vehicle and took all my contacts and Through a party where she slandered me which is hilarious because these were all my gold friends and business partners who saw right through her and immediately told me what she was doing.

Shortly there after all I heard is how she is violent and a crook who puts on an act and acts super nice when in reality she is just looking for ways to scam. I heard this from 3 more people, and on top of that she is already on rip off report.

Beware and run from this person, she is able to turn violent quickly as soon as you find out, do not confront her, just run away. Ps you would never expect this from her based on how nice she acts, this is what makes her so dangerous and able to strike.

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