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Bill & Stacy Calsbeck

Country Canada
City Burnaby, British Columbia
Address 5949 Berwick Street
Phone 778-988-9468

Bill & Stacy Calsbeck Reviews

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  • Mar 21, 2018

My parents met Stacy Calsbeck and Bill Calsbeck through mutual friends Larry and Tammy-Lynn Mcnabb. They wanted to invest their retirement funds in something. Bill Calsbeck said that he and his wife Shary Calsbeck were the owners of BGC Consultants Limited. We later discovered they were not registered in Canada and their registration was revoked in England. They promised a big return on any investment. So my parents gave a money order to Bill Calsbeck for the amount of 100,000.00 USD with the promise that the Director of BGC would return the sum in a year, plus 25% interest.

They waited 6 months, then after numerous unanswered e-mails and calls, they discovered that the document they had signed was a false agreement of some kind of loan. My parents are elderly with limited resources, but they did hire a lawyer. He was unable to serve neither Stacy Calsbeck nor Bill Calsbeck as they had provided phony addresses.

So we can only hope that, between God and Karma, these frauds can be brought to justice. My father passed away due to the stress. My mother is in a poor retirement home; all she can afford now that these crooks took their savings. Stay away from these scammers if you want to save your hard earned money!

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