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Bill's Automotive

Country United States
State Florida
City Palm Harbor
Address 32505 US Hwy 19 N
Phone 727 787 8472

Bill's Automotive Reviews

  • Dec 1, 2019

If you are new in town and love your car DO NOT take it to these guys!

(short version of this story at the bottom)

I entrusted my vehicle to this garage because they were in a very convenient place, neighbor approved and I figured that if they have been in business for 28 years they must be doing something right. WRONG.

4 tires and a suspension job was ALL THAT I needed... I asked them to check everything and that’s all they found that I needed.

They asked if I needed an oil change. I said NO. Didn’t need one for another 3k. Got the car back. They did an oil change.

When I called to ask what happened, I got the response.. “I don’t know if the guys actually did that” I’m like well s**t, you better know, I paid for it and I have a new sticker that says it was done and is still due in 3k. POINTLESS! They said next oil changed would be comped.

Fast forward to later the same day I got it back, 30 miles later, I pull into my driveway only to lose power steering and see smoke coming from my engine, I’m dead in the water. After explaining what happened and thinking that I just lost all my oil, cause that’s what looked like all over the ground, “They told me to bring it over” Well, if I hadn’t blown my engine already, then that surely would do it. Thanks for looking out for your customer.

They came over to my house to look at my car and it was determined that the power steering line ruptured. “We didn’t touch that” he was quick to say, well the oil wasn’t supposed to be touched and that certainly was. I was also surprised to see that the oil was overfilled, which they admitted was a mistake. They sent me home with a ticking time bomb and I don’t buy that this was all coincidental.

My eyeballs almost fell out of my sockets when he asked me if I could use my AAA to save them money. (Ended up using someone else’s because I don’t have it) How about not messing up my vehicle so it doesn’t cost ME money?! The audacity and attitude of the two guys I interacted with, were next to none. Very, VERY poor communication. They said it would be done on Friday or Saturday at the latest, I was patient, but this was mid-day Monday with no call. I am not sure how much longer they would have kept my car if I didn’t show up and ASK for it back. I was without my vehicle for a total of 9 days and about 2 grand later, it better last for more than a day, but now I am worried that they may have done something else to it again. Clearly they need ME to SAVE THEM MONEY by taking more of mine.

Now I went from a car that “had nothing wrong with the engine” to a car that I am too afraid to drive because they have had their hands on it.

TL; DR (shortened version)

Went in for new tires and suspension. Got those fixed and bonuses! An unwanted, unneeded, overfilled oil change, and a magically ruptured power steering line the same day I got the car back. 2,000 bucks and 9 days without my car.

Would have been longer if I didn’t show up and ask for it back.

They don’t listen to the customers. They will break what isn’t broken, possibly to get more money out of you and your car will never be the same. This garage is not worth your money, time or energy. Don’t go here!

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