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Country United States
State California
City Canoga Park
Address 7657 Winnetka, #482
Phone 310-369-3871
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  • Feb 4, 2016

I purshased my dog for 10k from Andre Smith owner of Big Gemini Kennels. I had my dog for a year without the papers. Andre Smith proposed a co ownership and I agreed. The only reason I agreed was because I trusted Mr Smith. A contract was then sent to me via email and signed by Andre Smith and I agreed to those terms. A couple of weeks later I recieved a contract in the mail where he repeatedly expressed urgency to sign and send it back. I sent it noterized only to later find that the contract was altered! I have the original contract signed and dated by Andre Smith which clearly states I am entiled 60 percent of ANY breeding Big gemini kennels secures on the other contract. That part was removed. My dog's first breeding was done with BGK's Rockza I recieved $1000 as a down payment, then offered 1st pick female so I agreed. Andre wanted to keep her because she was the biggest one.

He offered $6000. I said ok. Weeks passed and I never received anything. He then proceeded to setup another breeding for which I did not agree. Since I didn't get paid for the first one that's why I didn't agree. He then proceeded to say I will have a nice pet with no papers. He took advantage of the altered contract by trying force breedings. I am willing to persue this matter legally.

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