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report scam

Big Wheel

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Hammond
Address 42241 S Morrison Blvd
Phone 985-542-1902

Big Wheel Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2015

Big Wheel called by Louisiana State Police to towing stolen truck belong to me and my son.

We viewed the truck at the salvage yard to which they towed it.

Yardman and mechanic were there and yardman reported "when your air bag is deployed the vehicle is automatically totaled by the State Police.

We retrieved out few belongings that were left and waited for the police report.

When we received the report we called Big Wheel and told them that the report differed from what they had originally told us. We went to Big Wheel and showed the report to them.

The Louisiana State Police report stated that the truck had minor to moderate damage on the front in two places only and that the air bag had NOT been deployed. There was no damage to the taillight. These two things cost almost $500.00 dollars to replace.

Their explanation was that the Louisiana State Police officer was mistaken about the condition of the truck. He was wrong. To prove this, they brought in the tow truck driver and he explained that "the State Troopers do make mistakes" and "the air bag was deployed when he towed the truck".

This was a detailed report and every box was checked and filled out.

I would daresay that I would believe the word of the State Trooper over the tow truck driver who works for Big Wheel.

We talked with a business owner before we went to pay for the truck and he stated, "good luck in getting your truck from those people" We soon found out what that was all about.

They told us that the cost to remove the truck was $400.00 dollars. When we got there, they wanted $510.00.

We all had a heated conversation in which one of the people threatened us, threatened us with arrest and then refused to take our money and check so that we could get the truck.

The owner, manager, some other manager screamed at their female employee because she told them that what they were saying was different then what the State Police Report said because she had just copied they report I gave her. They fired her on the spot and she left crying.

I was totally humiliated and degraded as was my son. They would not take our money and they still have our truck.!!!!!!!

The BBB has an alert on their website that this company, Big Wheel has their accreditation

logo on their website, but has never been accredited with them.

The business owner that we talked to told us that we will never get our truck!!!!

This was a work truck and my son has not been able to work because of this incident.

We are desperate and have tried everything to make this work. They are rude, disrespectful and I feel that this is all a scam and that they deployed the airbag and did other damage so that we would not get the truck.

The manager said "sometimes the way a vehicle is sitting, we might damage it a little while we are towing it" If the airbag was not deployed during the wreck, how could you tow it so roughly that you caused it to deploy.. And the taillight was on the wrong side and in the back, away from the impact!!

The first words that the yardman asked us was "do you have a clear title"

I wonder how many hardworking people have been scammed by this charade of a company.

Before I left, I asked the manager why they fired the female employee and he said,

"she disrespected the old man"!!! He did come into the office and sat there acting like some mafia Don. This is ridiculous!!

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