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Big Value Depot

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Paterson
Address 100 N 6th St
Phone 973-489-6035

Big Value Depot Reviews

  • Oct 5, 2016

This company started with Vortex, quickly shifted to BVD, and now adplotter.

They have some free software that they tweaked and installed on a dedicated server so that they can spam classified ads, and setup a back office. The real problem is that they make you pay a monthly fee of 39.95 for a product in bvd that doesnt work, in fact i had multiple items and all it produced was scammers trying to steal my stuff. They also drug out the development because they want that monthly fee.

As soon as you decide to cancel, they make that real hard, but i got around it by cancelling the card i had with them. Now with the advent of adplotter, they are back at it again, but this time, they claim all this money can be made, but you need to pay more erroneous money to be a founder. Also when i was in bvd, they said we would be grandfathered in and not asked to pay, that was a scam too. This guy is a train wreck with his stuff DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. First of all it is a failed business concept. Everyone should run from this guy and his companies

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