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Big Time Camera

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address Hidden River Parkway
Phone 813-756-4113

Big Time Camera Reviews

  • May 10, 2017

I recently placed a order with BigTimeCamera for a Camera bundle that included several things (2 lenses, camera, flash, tripods).

The next business day, I got an email requesting I call "Bruce" to confirm my order (after I got a order confirmation email).

When I called "Bruce" he informed me that the camera I purchased was not a US-market model (which was not disclosed on the site) and did not come with a battery or charger. He tried to push a model that did come with a battery and charger that was about $300 more which is about $100 above current retail price for the unit from the manufactor directly. He also was trying to to push a high speed SD card.

I ended up cancelling the order after reading a similar experience and hope that this will be the end of this exchange.

I will note that the company is trying to protect itself from legal and government action for it's actions by stating in the order confirmation email that the order confirmation does not constitude a final offer or contract. This is a contradiction, and they are engaging in activities that are repeated bait and switch behavior with multiple customers.

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