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Big Tex Trailers

Country United States
State Texas
City Mount Pleasant
Address 950 I-30
Phone 877-877-8559

Big Tex Trailers Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2019

I live in Colorado and was in need of a long flatbed to transport equipment from California to Colorado. I Purchased the Big Tex 14TL from Reed Trailer Sales in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2016. I was not familar with the trailer but the Sales rep. said it was a great transporting trailer.

The people at Reed trailer sales had to put the trailer together as tires were not on the trailer. I drove to Calif, l attempted to load a 1800's wooden wagon. When we rolled the wagon onto the tilt bed, as the wagon rolled further to center of the trailer Tilt bed, the trailer tilt bed SLAMMED down. The wagon being only partially on the trailer tilt bed, bounced as the tilt slammed down and then the wagon started to roll backwards.

We scrambled but the wagon rolled back off the trailer. Several people fell off the trailer and were injured - we were fortunate injuries were not severe! When back in Colorado I called the dealer about the Safety of the trailer, he replied that what I bought was all there is. So I researched the trailer and found out that the Dampening Hydraulic Actuator was missing!

I called the dealer back and explained about the missing part, he stated that I bought the trailer as is! 15 minutes later I get a call from same dealer and he said that I could come down and pick up an actuator and install it myself if I wanted it... I went the next day and retrieved the actuator and installed it myself.

Even with actuator I have Always had a problem loading trucks onto the flatbed - especially long bed trucks. When I called Reed Trailer Sales in 2019 to voice my complaint I was told to call the Manufacturer of Big Tex Trailers.

I have tried to work with Big Tex Trailers for "several months" now to get parts, part numbers or alternate options. LIP Service is all I get from Big Tex over the phone and when completing their Warranty claim form was told I was out of Warranty. Even the local Maxey Trailer parts representative has not been able to get ANY part information from Big Tex...

In Closing, Never buy from Reed Trailer Sales, they are nothing more than Snake Oil Salesman and BIG TEX has NO customer service - No ownership of it's product and refuses to communicate about any alternatives.

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