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Big Chief Carts

Country United States
State California
City Long Beach
Phone (843) 732-0661

Big Chief Carts Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2022

Upon researching alternatives for pain management and appetite a friend told me cannabis might help. Not knowing anything about the industry or substance I ordered what I thought was cartridges. They sent me emails with details outlined as to the items I tried purchasing.

When PayPal rejected to of the fictituos names they gave for accepting payments, PayPal declined both of them and warned me this might be a rip off. But the friend that told me about them is from California and purchased product from their retail location in Long Beach. So, I thought they were real. They ended uup getting my $393 via Zelle so no way to get refunds and they should have mentioned they can't ship product to GA before taking my money.

I have multiple emails from their sales department and also texted and emailed multiple times the supposed contact. My order #3068 in February.

Being a rookie to all of the cannabis stuff I did not realize they cant ship to GA. Well, if they cant ship to GA or any other states where illegal, their website should not allow a purchase to go through for fulfillment since its illegal to ship over state lines.

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