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BG Lein Management

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Milwaukee
Address 1111 W. Layton Ave.
Phone (414)774-0153

BG Lein Management Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2019

They are cheap for a reason.. please do not rent from them. One of my biggest regrets in life. I lived at the Valley Forge property for only a few months in 2018 and I literally begged and cried on the phone with them to let me out of my lease, which they finally did.

The apartment I moved into reaked like smoke even through fresh paint and new carpet. I had to deep scrub all of the woodwork, cabinets, and windows and the smell still lingered with two air purifiers running nonstop. My apartment was on the first floor and the windows did not lock. They never even attempted to fix them even after I told them I felt unsafe and there were break ins in the parking lot.

The basement was beyond disgusting, as well as the hallways. They literally never cleaned the common areas and you could tell because there was salt on the carpets from the previous winter. There was a nasty old abandoned couch in the basement.

Dead and alive bugs everywhere. Also the bedbugs. They were in my apartment when I moved in. They did pay to spray but they did so without my notice and with my cat in the apartment to which I was very upset.

Please save your money and time and stay far away from BG LEIN. It will cost you more than a headache.

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