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Country United States
State Florida
City Vedra Beach
Address 820 A1A N, Ste W18 Ponte
Phone 1 904-285-6020

beYogi Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2018

Beware of, their insurance is bogus.

As two newly minted yoga teachers on a budget, my partner and I were happy to find insurance as inexpensive as beyogi's, and we eagerly signed up. All was well until we needed them to do anything other than to collect money from us.

To get a permit to teach in my city parks, the city has asked to be listed on the policy and to have a few simple endorsements listed. I contact the beyogi insurance people and ask them to do their part, and am told that it'll be $10 each to have a name and address typed into my policy, that they are unwilling to provide the requested waiver of subrogation, that it's absurd for the city to ask for one, that no insurance company is likely to provide that waiver, and that I should contact an attorney and rethink doing business with anyone who asks for that waiver.

Before accepting the beyogi representative's claim that my city government is so out of line, I contact a few other companies and discover that not only are they more than happy to provide that waiver, but that it's a very common request. I contacted beyogi's people with my findings and asked for a refund of the year's worth of unearned premiums we prepaid them could be refunded. Imagine my suprise when they told me no, absolutely not, they will under no circumstances refund my money.

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