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Bexley 3Five Apartments

Country United States
State Georgia
City Morrow
Address 7230 Jonesboro Rd
Phone 770-268-4060

Bexley 3Five Apartments Reviews

  • Feb 2, 2018

A change in ownership has resulted in a change in the quality of life at this complex.

I Would definitely tell anyone looking at this place to keep looking somewhere else. The previous management was wonderful and resolved any problem if any ASAP. While the management may be trying their best they are unable to keep the property clean.

I've attempted to address this issue and have been ignored for months, the management are some of the worst I have ever encountered. I Called the front office to report an accumulating ammount of dog feces next to my covered parking. Notified them multiple times since May, it is now months later and these feces are still there, they have actually become petrified. Bexley 3Five is such a disgusting apartment complex. You will easily find better for the price they are asking.

I also recently tried walking the trails that were once neatly trimmed and kept up with to find the grounds covered in dirt, mud, and wild grass that seems like it hasn't been cut in months. The trail was also blocked off by some type of machinery and long pipes! Not to mention the gates are always broken! This place was great to live in at first, now it just feels like another corporate mega complex where they cannot deliver "luxury living". I am now learning of the fact that Weinstein Properties rips people off here all the time which goes to show how this place is run.

  • Jan 17, 2018

To begin, I have been an on time paying tenant back when the apartment complex was called Rise. Back before the ownership changed it was a great complex to live in. However once it became Bexley 3Five things began to go downhill. I have suffered property damage in the form of slashed tires, in a vandalism spree that took the apartment complex because they did not repair the access control gates in a timely manner.

Over time I noticed that occupant screening standards had dropped drastically making the complex less safe. Due to the culture shift in the complex my wife and I decided it was time to leave, and we began looking for a house. We had one built and realized we would need to break our lease to move in. We approached the front office and spoke with one of the managers, an Asian female. We informed her that we would not be renewing our lease and would need to break contract.

I told her specifically that we would not be staying past the 4th of January 2018, but that we were unsure of which day exactly we would be moving out. The manager suggested that she write down the 15th just in case anything happened to delay our move.

I agreed, after ensuring that we would still be allowed to drop keys before then if we did not need the extra time. The manager ensured time and time again that it would be no problem and that we would only be rent responsible for up to whenever we dropped keys after our 30 day notice. But of course, Bexley 3Five did not hold up to their agreement and are trying to hold my family and I rent responsible until the 15th though they have the keys and all prorated payment.

I would HIGHLY warn anyone away from renting here at Bexley 3Five, shady business practices, unsafe environment, bad traffic from the frontage rd. They will tell you one thing but then try and squeeze more money out of you for trying to keep your family safe. These people are nothing but liars and take advantage of people whenever they can.

  • Nov 27, 2017

Bexley 3Five is so unethical and sneaky that when they saw that residents were posting their grievances on Facebook in the form of 1 and 2 star reviews Bexley 3Five and Weinstein Properties decided instead of making things right and fixing the issues that residents were having they figured they would just go ahead and delete the entire section of their Facebook Reviews from their Facebook page and disappear the reviews completely.

They had 3 star out of 5 with many 1 and 2 stars. Most of the 3 star and up were from when Greystar owned property and it was called The Rise.

Bexley 3Five a Weinstein Property is known for cheating people on their deposits, being rude to people, and attempting to manipulate any fact in their favor so they can get your money. Here is one of the reviews they tried to hide, if you have any reviews they deleted or for some reason became hidden then post them on here.

This company appears to be unethical and certainly unprofessional attempting to hide negative reviews rather than address them openly.

“There is dog poop everywhere and management doesn’t do anything about it. I stepped in some while walking back to my apartment. If you want to live here get used to seeing dog poop all over the place”

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