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Beware Vickie Jean McCord Irongate Realty

Country United States
State Florida
City Bradenton

Beware Vickie Jean McCord Irongate Realty Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2020

It is amazing that Vickie McCord still has her real estate license. She was working with her husband at Irongate Realty in Manatee County, Florida. The last I heard she was a consultant at DH Horton in Parrish, Florida, also Manatee County. I had a friend who bought a home was a man named William Scutt in which Vicki McCord was the sellers agent. Vickie McCord is a friend of the Scutt family, who is experienced in "flipping" houses and with whom McCord has enjoyed a highly profitable relationship. McCord has helped this people to sell homes which McCord knew to have problems, but helped the seller actively conceal known defects to make the sale.

Then she will attempt to hide behind the statement "You bought the home as-is no warranty with the right to inspect." Apparently Vickie McCord is not smart enough to realize that regardless of the as-is contract, Florida is a full disclosure state. A seller has to disclose known defects to the buyer and this duty extends to the sellers agent (Johnson v. Davis, Florida). And Vickie McCord cannot, as she often tries to do, hide behind the statement "I was just going by what the seller told me." In Florida Ms. McCord, real estate agents cannot rely on what they are told by the seller. The real estate agent is responsible for VERIFYING the accuracy of the information they provide to potential buyers. I cannot tell if Vicki MCCord is really that stupid or is just pretending to me. Either way you can do better than a redneck who cannot even use correct grammar like Vickie McCord.

***And someone needs to tell Ms. Cord that it is in really poor taste to carry on a conversation while chewing gum. Very professional....NOT!!!!!!!

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