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Beverly Hills Productions Corp.

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Phone (888) 988-6131

Beverly Hills Productions Corp. Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2015

I hired them to film a commercial for my business.Not only did they ask for money up front ($38,000), but they never even did one frame of shooting.

Everytime an excuse. When I finally asked for a refund they not only refused, but tried to get me to invest $50,000 more in their business. They don't have a business unlss you consider talking people's money and giving them nothing in return a business. They ought to be investigated and shut down immmediately!

Fraud and Scammers! I would avoid any dealings with this company, especially Alan Bernard as he is the ring-leader known for Porn scams and other film scams where inverstors never saw one cent of their money back.

He changes his phone number every few months to try and stay one step ahead of the authorities.What on earth could he be running from?

If he or someone from his company call you....hang up immediately!

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