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Beverly Diamonds

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 550 S. Hill St.
Phone 855-456-8334

Beverly Diamonds Reviews

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  • Jun 27, 2017

I purchased a ring from Beverly Diamonds a little over a year ago. I was sent documentation that stated the center stone was 1 ct SI clarity H color. Same color and clarity with the side stones but .55 ct in a channel setting. I had quite a few people tell me that it didn't look like a 1ct and it finally started to get to me. I've now taken it in to a few places and I've been laughed out of the store!!! It's not a 1ct diamond and it is not the clarity and color we purchased. I've reached out to them several times which has taken me nowhere. Do not give your money to these people. It's a complete ripoff. May as well just throw away your money. I was scammed and I want my money back!!!

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  • Jul 11, 2016

Dear friends: - warning about beverly diamonds - fraud.

I am filing a formal complaint against beverly diamonds, also known as luxurious jewelry, of 550 s. Hill st., suite 542, los angeles, california.

I purchased a wedding ring set consisting of an engagement ring and a wedding ring from beverly diamonds Bd) on 12/26/2015 for $3,475.31. Bd advertised that the center diamond was graded as a .70 carat, F) color, vs2 clarity enhanced diamond.

I took the rings to three different jewelers to get quoits for resizing the rings and to have the jewelers evaluate the quality of the rings. All three jewelers said the rings were of poor quality with four of the small side-mounted diamonds set incorrectly. The four smaller, side diamonds had the sharp edges of the diamonds exposed and posed an injury risk to the wearer. The jewelers also noted the larger center diamond was of extremely poor quality and certainly not a vs2 clarity enhanced grade. It was suggested that i take the rings to a professional consultant for evaluation. I had a gemological institute of america Gia) professional grade the “clarity enhanced” center diamond. The gia consultant graded the center diamond as a .68 carat, G) color, i2 clarity enhanced, class 2 cut diamond. The gia consultant also noted that the exposed side diamonds posed a risk to the wearer and the exposed diamonds were unprotected from damage. The gia professional agreed that the rings were of general poor quality and that to call an i2 clarity enhanced diamond a vs2 clarity enhanced diamond was fraud.

I have contacted bd many times asking to return the rings for a full refund. Beverly diamonds has not complied with my request. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau Bbb). Bd has 33-other complaints filed with the bbb for similar fraudulent business practices. Other consumer protection web-sites have dozens of complaints posted about beverly diamonds.

I am available to provide any additional information and/or documentation needed.

Thank you,

Peter zane williams

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  • Sep 3, 2019

Return policy claims that in stock rings can be returned within 30 days. My ring was in stock, but they claim it was custom made and can't be returned

I was shopping for an engagement ring that could be immediately shipped to my home address. The ring I found was in stock in the correct size. Immediately after paying for my order, the ring was shipped.

I contacted Beverly Diamonds two days ago on the phone in order to return my purchase. At first, Beverly Diamonds told me it would be possible to return, but they would have to call me back with a shipping quote. Later that day, they emailed me claiming I am not eligible for a refund. Upon purchase of the ring, they had me sign a receipt which claims my ring was custom made to a size 6. However, my ring was not custom made. The ring was in stock, which is why it shipped out immediately after purchase. They never mentioned this to me before I bought the ring, or before I signed a receipt.

Their website's return policy claims "All diamond eternity rings, bands and customized rings are non-refundable".

My ring was not custom made. If it was, my order would not have shipped out on the same it was purchased. It seems as though that Beverly Diamonds does not stand behind their own return policies, which is apparent from all complaints on Better Business Bureau's website regarding "refunds". There have been many complaints regarding customer service, returns and exchanges.

  • Jan 10, 2019

Due to this company's high business rating and the beautiful product their website represents, I purchased a wedding set in December of 2018. I believed the company would be trustworthy and accurately represent the quality of the rings and grade of the stone. Wrong...This is a scam & this company is committing fraud.

I ordered a Baneberry 1.50 carat round solitaire diamond ring with Clarity: VS2 and Color: F, along with a matching wedding band. As this was a large investment, I called Beverly Diamonds to speak directly to one of their representatives to ensure sure that my expectations were clearly stated and understood so any issues with the purchase could be avoided. I was told during the call that both the band and the ring could be engraved, and the manufacturer would contact me to find out what else I wanted and to verify my expectations for the ring. Needless to say, No call was ever received.

I reached out a few times via the “online chat” and never really got an answer as to the status of my order in the manufacturing process. Then, the ring just showed up at my house. I knew there was no way it could be what I wanted as I never received a call.

When I opened the postal box I did not find a custom ring box and bag. Instead, I found a plain black box surrounded by parcel paper. Upon opening the ring box I needed to merely glance at the ring to see the poor quality of the stone and the rings overall. I could instantly see a rough spot on the edge of the diamond, and that the girdle protrudes well beyond the prongs on one side. It has a dull cloudy appearance and what looks like bubbles filling the entire stone. It is like looking through bubble glass with etched lines. The ring has no luster or "fire" and is repulsively reminiscent of the gumball machine rings we threw away as kids. The quality is so distasteful I am nauseated every time I look at it. There are also several scratches on the ring, deep impressions that look like tool marks, as well as, what appears to be sloppy soldering. The wedding band is also scratched and of equally poor quality.

The wedding band is nothing like the on-line picture, especially when placed under the engagement ring. They do not match at all, and I find it appalling that they could actually be considered a set. The picture of the set advertised shows a band width that matches one side of the "twist" or "vine," not the width of the entire engagement ring. They also appear to have different finishes. There is a deep channel inside the band, which makes it impossible for it to be engraved. The website does not represent a hollow band, but instead shows a full smooth band without sharp edges. The sharp edges of the groove make the band extremely uncomfortable to wear and it looks very cheap. The quality is something that I would expect from a big-box store, not a custom jeweler who boasts, "Everything at Beverly Diamonds is held to outstanding and exceptional standards. Our custom made jewelries are hand made and hand set by world class groups of experts. We never compromise quality and cost of products. Our aim is Excellence."

I had the engagement ring assessed by two separate jewelers. One a Certified Gemologist graduate from AGS and the other certified from GIA. Both agree that the stone sold to me is a low end I2 - I3 diamond. A few of the words I heard were large feathers, cloud, crystals and twining wisp. There were also notes such as off center, out of round and faceting distortions. I was advised that a GIA report would be a waste due to the diamond being of such poor quality.The only reason to obtain such a report would be to establish, in writing, the gross misrepresentation of an I2 diamond being sold as a VS2, and to prove the report sent with the ring from the Diamond Institute of America is a flagrant exaggeration and a means to further perpetrate this fraud.

  • Sep 3, 2016

Please do not buy from beverly diamonds they are a rip off. Put $500 on a layaway and changed my mind. So I contact them they told me no refund and that I had to purchase a item that value my layaway which is $4200 or I will lose my payment. I then told them thats a ripoff and that they can't tell a customer how to spend their money. Jonnahton gave me a hard time then stated that he would try to help and give me something with my money. I ask him want ring I could get for my money he starting giving me rings that cost $900 and $300 I told him they are not getting a penny more and I want my moneys worth he that made up an SKU with a regular band for $699 and claim that he is willing to give me a discount so it will cost the $500. When I ask why is the SKU involve letters and the SKU rings on the site doest involve letters his excuse was that its females wedding bands and that's the reason. I said ok. I later went on the site myself and the SKU for female wedding bands doesn't include letters so I start investigate about the plain band in other jewelry stores and that same band doesn't cost more that $250. I started calling to query it no one answered I continued calling when they finally answered I ask for the manager they claim the manager is not there. How can a business place not having a manager at all time? They ask what I want I told them of the situation now they are telling me that the customer service department closed off and finding all sort of excuse. I just want my money back at this point. Customers please do yourself a favor and do not by from beverly diamonds please. The good thing is I used PayPal which I had a hard time with them to use because they didn't want me using paypal, I should have known from that start cause which business place refuse payment through PayPal.

  • Dec 15, 2015

I purchased a wedding/engagement ring for my wife in 2013 from Beverly Diamonds ( The original ring shipped quickly and was per our expecations BUT over the next two years the side diamonds consistently fell out and ultimately in September the ring itself cracked and was no longer wearable (as a matter of full disclosure we did upgrade the size of the diamoned during one of the "warranty" returns in late 2013).

In September we got in touch with Beverly Diamonds customer service and indicated that we would be sending the ring back (for the 3rd time). The process started smoothly and we were promised delivery of the fixed ring within 2 weeks. Over the next 2-1/2 months (from September 21 - December 8) we were told daily/weekly that the ring was "almost" done and would be shipped within the week. After my wifes frustration came to a boil (of not having her wedding ring) I sent an email indicating that we would be pursuing recourse against Beverly Diamonds if we did not receive the ring.

On December 8 we were told the ring had shipped (a full two months after originally promised!). Upon opening the ring there were noticable differeces from the ring we sent to Beverly Diamonds for repair to the ring we received back. The ring we received back was noticably smaller, there were visible inclusions, the color was noticably different, and no new appraisal was ever sent (although we did repeatadlt ask for it).

An email chain illustrating the above was kept along with pictures and documentation of other aspects of the transaction (or lack thereof).

DO NOT purchase any jewelery from Beverly Diamonds. Their products are sub-par, their customer service is non-existent, and they knowingly have tried to deceive/rip-off my wife and I. The savings of buying online through them is not worth the hassle and liklihood that you may not receive what you paid for.

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