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Beverly Crest Motor Inn

Country United States
State Texas
City El Paso
Address 8709 Dyer St
Phone 915-755-7631

Beverly Crest Motor Inn Reviews

  • Dec 24, 2016

The Owners of The Beverly Crest Hotel in El Paso, TX, have an understanding with Parole in El Paso. They allow Sex Offenders being let out of the Halfway House, to rent rooms by the month. Many of the Sex Offenders have been living there for months, even a year or more. The Owners of the Motel are from India, and I don't think they fully understand, what a Sex Offender really is. I am not prejudice against Sex Offenders. But I think that they should not be allowed to rent rooms to Families with Children, without letting the Families know that they house Sex Offenders. Already 2 Sex Offenders have been incarcerated, because they tried to initiate contact with Children at the Beverly Crest. CPS was involved as well. I do not want money. What I want is for the Owners to be made to divulge to Families with Children, about the situation. It is not fair to the Children nor to the Sex Offenders to be placed in this position. Because of greed on the part of the Owners, this is a very dangerous situation they are allowing to occur. The Owners should be made to choose. Rent ONLY to Sex Offenders or ONLY to the General Public. This in my Opinion is just common sense and good business. Someone who is qualified to do something about this, should be notified. Please!

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