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Bethel Animal Hospital

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address 1800 Bethel Rd
Phone 614-326-3000

Bethel Animal Hospital Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2024

Trashy Vetrinarian Service/Adult Boutique run by trashy women out to make a dollar. If they can't rip you off with their vetrinarian service with valid ID plus a five dollar cover u can enter their Adult Boutique.......a large collection of sex toys and vibrators & videos.

The whole operation is a scam to make money - over charge, do not provide explaination of services or a print out. Example - If u went in for a massage from their technician, Tiffany it would be written up as a "Wellness Exam." They also do not gove refunds for damaged or defective goods. If u complain u r black listed and cannot use their services again.

  • Nov 17, 2016

I brought my dog to this vet this past week because he would not eat and was very unplayful. I had a coupon for a free office visit and was low on funds. They tested him and told me he had Parvo. They were very insulting to me about vaccinations which I had scheduled for the next clinic date. I explained to them about my finances and we worked out a plan. I went home and opened a GoFundMe account to help Jake. I contacted people to get help and people brought funds to the vet. I had to rob peter to pay paul because gofundme takes 3 to 7 days to clear and they could not wait on payment so I had to use my truck payment. I had discussed flea meds on our last visit and planned to get some when I paid my final bill but changed my mind because I found it cheaper and also could afford it that week...they were hateful and accused me of fraud while reporting me to gofundme..Gofundme investigated me and seen all the invoices I paid and said that it wasn't fraud...I was really hurt. The whole time I was using them they kept mentioning what was I gonna do with any extra money and kept discussing me to set up an account with them for others like me...The worse part is that there is still 200.00 that a donor gave them that is still not accounted for. It just disappeared , so they still owe me 200.00. There is no evidence of where those funds went.

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