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BestticketfareLLC Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2024

This company provides no service but digging your pockets. It's not cheaper to buy tickets there.

I booked two tickets from NYC to Tokyo on 2/19/2024 at the price of ~$1,200 each. The agent called the next day morning and claimed those tickets had restrictions. One restriction is that it can't be cancelled. He suggested me to change to another booking which cost me $275 extra for each and a 1-stop flight instead of direct. He claimed that booking can be canceled or changed. I believed him and changed to that option since I need the flexibility of changing date.

The next day, I found that the fare on airline web page is much cheaper than this company provided. I decided to cancel this book. I called in in the morning (within 24 hours). A lady named Jennifer Thomas told me that I need to wait for the agent who handled my case to cancel the flight. And the agent will give me a call. I waited till 5pm, no call. I called back. The agent told me that it passed 24 hours and I can get only $100 back out of the $3000+ fare. I told him that I was told that it can be canceled, besides I called in within 24 hours to cancel the booking. He just kept repeating that I passed 24 hours. I asked to talk to his supervisor. Unfortunately, his supervisor, name William, picked up the call and repeated the same words. I told him that the agent claimed to me that the ticket is cancellable and he can check the recording. That guy put me on hold for 20 minutes and changed to another guy name Philip, maybe his boss, and repeated the same nonsense "passed 24 hours" again and again. I had to hang up on him.

This company will attract you to buy cheaper tickets on their web, and then call you to trick you to change to higher price ticket. They are not honest. No more business with them.

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